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Stef Lewandowski stefl

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stefl / scrape_tweets.rb
Created Mar 25, 2012
Download all tweets from the twitter search API for a given search term (limited to their maximum of 1500)
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#! /usr/bin/env ruby
require "fileutils"
search_term = ARGV[0]
if search_term
time =
directory_path = File.dirname(__FILE__) + "/tweets/" + search_term + "_" + time.to_i.to_s
directory =
(1..15).each do |i|
`curl "{search_term}&rpp=100&page=#{i}&include_entities=true&result_type=mixed" > #{directory.path}/#{i}.json`
stefl / gist:1154253
Created Aug 18, 2011
libmxf writeavidmxf options
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Options: (options marked with * are required)
-h, --help display this usage message
* --prefix <filename> output filename prefix
--clip <name> clip (MaterialPackage) name.
--project <name> Avid project name.
--tape <name> tape name.
--ntsc NTSC framerate and frame size. Default is DV file frame rate or PAL
--film24 use framerate of 24 instead of default 25fps
--film23.976 use framerate of 23.976 (24000/1001) instead of default 25fps
--legacy use legacy DataDefs, for DV essence use legacy descriptor properties
stefl / gist:1062414
Created Jul 3, 2011
How to get Padrino, Compass and Heroku working without checking in the resulting css to the git repo
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# Enables support for Compass, a stylesheet authoring framework based on SASS.
# See for more details.
# Store Compass/SASS files (by default) within 'app/stylesheets'
module CompassInitializer
def self.registered(app)
require 'sass/plugin/rack'
Compass.configuration do |config|
config.project_path = Padrino.root
stefl / nested-postgres-transactions-in-datamapper
Created May 4, 2011
Nested postgres transactions in datamapper?
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#untested - does this work?
module DataMapper
class Transaction
module DataObjectsAdapter
def nested_transaction_primitive
DataObjects::SavePoint.create_for_uri(normalized_uri, current_connection)
stefl / gist:888150
Created Mar 26, 2011
extract starting timecode from a video file using mediainfo
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mediainfo -f /files/timecode/ | grep '^Delay.*: [0-9][0-9]:' | awk '{split($0,a,": "); print a[2]}'
stefl / gist:867165
Created Mar 12, 2011
Redirect trailing slashes in Sinatra
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get %r{(.+)/$} do |r| redirect r; end;
stefl / gist:812700
Created Feb 5, 2011
Json gem users take note...
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# Deal with the usual JSON gem idiocy. Guys, come on. I want to serialize an integer, surely this can't be that hard
class Fixnum
def to_json(options = nil)
stefl / gist:798516
Created Jan 27, 2011
carbon coder video timecode inject
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<cnpsXML StartTimeCode="00:00:05;00"> <Markers>
<Marker_1 MarkerTime_27MHz.QWD="270000000" MarkerName="Marker1"/>
<Marker_2 MarkerTime_27MHz.QWD="540000000" MarkerName="Marker2"/>
<MyMarker MarkerTime_27MHz.QWD="810000000" MarkerName="MyMarker"/>
</Markers> </cnpsXML>
View Ruby rounding bug using floor on a float
If you do this:
You would expect 205.
Likewise with:
View A quick mashup for Royal Court
Here are the commands I used to create
(Assuming ruby, rubygems, heroku, git)
sudo gem install caboodle
caboodle create royalcourt
cd royalcourt
caboodle kit:add flickr
(input flickr username)
caboodle kit:add twitter
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