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steve-jansen /
Last active August 29, 2015 13:57
`/etc/init.d/jenkins.portforwarding` script for SUSE Linux to forward port 80 traffic to the HTTP port for the Jenkins continuous build server
# SUSE system statup script for port forwarding port 80 to the port
# for the Jenkins continuous build server.
# Jenkins normally does not run as root, thus /etc/init.d/jenkins cannot
# bind to ports < 1024 since SUSE does not support authbind (or similar).
# The MIT License (MIT)
steve-jansen / download.cmd
Created March 5, 2014 22:41
A Windows batch script to download multiple large binary files from an FTP server in parallel, with support for resuming interrupted downloads.
IF NOT EXIST "installers" MKDIR "installers"
CD "installers"
ECHO @ECHO OFF > curl.cmd
ECHO TITLE "%~1" >> curl.cmd
ECHO IF NOT ".%~p1"==".\" IF NOT EXIST ".%~p1" MKDIR ".%~p1" >> curl.cmd
ECHO PUSHD ".%~p1" >> curl.cmd
var express = require('express'),
proxy = require('./lib/proxy');
var app = express();
app.configure(function() {
proxy: {
steve-jansen / TestData.cmd
Created June 24, 2013 02:44
A helpful way to import or export data from SQL Server to bcp.exe binary flat files. This can be helpful for storing relatively small sets of test data in source control, dropbox, etc for multiple environments.
:: Name: TestData.cmd
:: Purpose: Convenience script to use SQL Server bcp.exe to import or export
:: sample data as binary files in ~/src/Database/TestData
:: Author: Steve Jansen
:: Revision: December 2012
:: default values
steve-jansen / yeoman.cmd
Created June 24, 2013 02:46
A script to run yeoman on Windows with dependencies managed in source tree. This script assumes that Ruby, NodeJS, and PhantomJS are under source control, while the yeoman and grunt node modules can be downloaded via npm.
:: Name: yeoman.cmd
:: Purpose: Convenience script to run yeoman on windows
:: Author: Steve Jansen
:: Revision: January 2013
PUSHD %~dps0\.. > NUL
steve-jansen / Global.asax
Created August 14, 2013 19:32
Preventing IIS Integrated Windows Authentication from prompting authenticated users for a new username/password when permission to a URL is denied.
<Script language="C#" runat="server">
void Application_EndRequest() {
// rewrite HTTP 401s to HTTP 403s if the user is authenticated using
// integrated Windows auth with impersonation, but,
// the user lacks permissions to the requested URL
if (Context.User != null &&
Context.User.Identity != null &&
Context.User.Identity.IsAuthenticated &&
Context.User is System.Security.Principal.WindowsPrincipal &&
Context.Response.StatusCode == 401)
steve-jansen / ResourceInterceptor.cs
Last active December 30, 2015 15:28
A custom implementation of the `Awesomium.Windows.Forms.ResourceDataSourceProvider` functionality. This interceptor supports using the standard `http://` protocol scheme instead of Awesomium's use of the custom `asset://` scheme, which can cause problems with cross origin requests in Chromium, as well as third party services like Google APIs whi…
using System;
using System.IO;
using System.Reflection;
using Awesomium.Core;
namespace MyApp
/// <summary>
/// A custom implementation of the `Awesomium.Windows.Forms.ResourceDataSourceProvider` functionality.
/// This interceptor supports using the standard `http://` protocol scheme instead of Awesomium's use of the
steve-jansen / bookmarklet.js
Last active August 19, 2016 23:15
Bookmarklet to create a terraform.tfvars file from an Atlas Terraform environment variables page
javascript:var s='';for(i=0;;i++){k=document.forms[0]["runtime_configuration[tf_vars_attributes]["+i+"][key]"];v=document.forms[0]["runtime_configuration[tf_vars_attributes]["+i+"][value]"]; if(k && v){s+=[k.value,'=',v.value,'\n'].join('');}else{break};};window.location="data:text/plain;base64,"+btoa(s);
steve-jansen /
Created September 28, 2016 15:56
Convert a Windows FILETIME value to a localized date string
# 131194047065676512 is an example FILETIME value
ruby -e 'puts[0]) - 116444736000000000) / 10000000)' -- 131194047065676512

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