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Alejandro Exojo suy

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[15:26:45] <aknight> kkoehne: so are you working on clang-win32 support?
[15:38:32] <kkoehne> aknight: Nope
[15:38:49] <aknight> kkoehne: who is then? :-)
[15:39:00] <kkoehne> aknight: You? :)
[15:39:10] <kkoehne> aknight: I intend(ed) to
[15:39:34] <kkoehne> aknight: But haven't really come around to play with it much more than trying to compile qtbase, only to see it choking on the very first .cpp file
[15:39:44] <aknight> kkoehne: i've played around with it, but per lars' email i assumed someone was actually spending time/money on it
[15:39:45] <kkoehne> aknight: But I heard you had a patch somewhere to overcome this ...
[15:40:45] <aknight> kkoehne: i haven't touched it in a while, but there's a wip on my dashboard
[15:40:53] <lars> aknight: no currently, this is only my wishful thinking... ;-)
View gist:d1e062d81bebb2b26f73
[15:26:45] <aknight> kkoehne: so are you working on clang-win32 support?
[15:27:05] <peppe> mitchc: it's absolute, but still resolved relatively, so the scheme doesn't change
[15:27:22] <mitchc> peppe: huh?
[15:27:30] <sletta> its absolutly relative :)
[15:27:36] <mitchc> peppe: how can an absolute filesystem path be resolved relative to something?
[15:27:40] <peppe> mitchc: to put it in another way, ti would've loaded the same file even if your qml was in qrc:/foo/bar/main.qml
[15:27:54] <peppe> that's not a filesystem path, that's the path "part" of the URL
[15:28:30] <mitchc> peppe: Image { source: "/home/micurtis/dev/picture.png" } is a filesystem path
[15:28:33] <peppe> it's not
[15:28:39] <peppe> file:///home/... is a filesystem path
View foldcomments.vim
augroup FoldComments
autocmd BufReadPost * :call s:Fold()
augroup END
function! s:Fold() abort
let starting_position = getcurpos()
keepjumps normal! gg
" TODO: be smart and only fold if the comment has copyright info.
if hlID("Comment") == synIDtrans(synID(1,1,0))
View unixsignal.cpp
#include "unixsignal.h"
#include <signal.h>
#include <sys/signalfd.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <QSocketNotifier>
UnixSignal::UnixSignal(int signal, QObject *parent) :
View gclose.vim
command! Gclose :call s:Gclose()
function! s:Gclose() abort
let previous_buffer = bufnr(expand("%"))
for buf in tabpagebuflist()
if getbufvar(buf, "fugitive_type") != ''
execute bufwinnr(buf).'wincmd w'
wincmd q
execute bufwinnr(previous_buffer).'wincmd w'
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