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Example code for using Postcoder in Python. For more information on Postcoder, visit
# Postcoder Python example
# Allies Computing Ltd
# This demo shows how to perform an address lookup in Python.
import json
import urllib
searchkey = 'PCW45-12345-12345-1234X'; # Test search key, replace with your
searchterm = 'NR14 7PZ'; # string to use for an address search
print ("Postcoder Python Client Snippet\n\n")
url = '' + searchkey + '/address/UK/'
# for other uri options see
# For Python 3.0 and later
from urllib.request import urlopen
url = url + urllib.parse.quote(searchterm)
response = urlopen(url).readall().decode('utf-8')
except ImportError:
# Fall back to Python 2
from urllib import urlopen
url = url + urllib.quote(searchterm)
response = urlopen(url).read()
structure = json.loads(response)
print(json.dumps(structure, indent=2))
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