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.netrc file so you can push/pull to https git repos without entering your creds all the time
login technoweenie
password SECRET
login technoweenie
password SECRET

Stick this in ~/.netrc with chmod 600 or something. You can curl the api as yourself with curl -n


What about per-repository login?


@noamtm I just checked, netrc or gitcredentials aren't up to the task (the latter has an option to match on host paths, but prefix matches are missing so it's only semi-convenient). If you control the url you should put the username in the url or use host aliases, both ssh (man ssh_config) and git (git help config then /insteadof) have them; if you can't (go get or pip remote requirements), there is no convenient solution.


Note about a limitation: password in .netrc file should not contain spaces, since the .netrc file is parsed against spaces, tabs and new-lines.


Thanks man! Exactly what I needed


Any way to store password here not in plain text.
It's too risky to store in plaintext


github supports the access token instead of password:


With respect, I would definitely recommend authenticating to github using ssh with decryption key instead of the .netrc method, as it's insecure:

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