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[aaron@TC psych (jruby)]$ rbenv uninstall jruby-
[aaron@TC psych (jruby)]$ git checkout jruby
Already on 'jruby'
[aaron@TC psych (jruby)]$ rbenv uninstall jruby-
rbenv: remove /Users/aaron/.rbenv/versions/jruby- y
[aaron@TC psych (jruby)]$ rbenv install jruby-
Downloading jruby-bin-
Installing jruby-
Installed jruby- to /Users/aaron/.rbenv/versions/jruby-
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[aaron@TC pkg (jruby)]$ RUBYOPT=-d jruby -S gem install psych-2.0.13-java.gem
Exception `Gem::LoadError' at /Users/aaron/.rbenv/versions/jruby- - Could not find 'psych' (>= 1.2.1, ~> 1.2) - did find: [psych-2.0.13-java]
Checked in 'GEM_PATH=/Users/aaron/.gem/jruby/2.2:/Users/aaron/.rbenv/versions/jruby-', execute `gem env` for more information
/Users/aaron/.rbenv/versions/jruby- warning: Ambiguous first argument; make sure.
jar dependencies for psych-2.0.13-java.gemspec . . .
parser.rb:71: warning: Ambiguous first argument; make sure.
/Users/aaron/.rbenv/versions/jruby- warning: Ambiguous first argument; make sure.
/Users/aaron/.rbenv/versions/jruby- warning: (...) int
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diff --git a/Rakefile b/Rakefile
index 15c7b7c..5a622e7 100644
--- a/Rakefile
+++ b/Rakefile
@@ -64,7 +64,24 @@ $hoe = Hoe.spec 'psych' do
-$hoe.spec.files << 'lib/psych.jar'
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diff --git a/lib/rubygems/installer.rb b/lib/rubygems/installer.rb
index f01d237..f97c232 100644
--- a/lib/rubygems/installer.rb
+++ b/lib/rubygems/installer.rb
@@ -292,7 +292,7 @@ class Gem::Installer
say spec.post_install_message unless spec.post_install_message.nil?
- Gem::Installer.install_lock.synchronize { Gem::Specification.add_spec spec }
+ Gem::Installer.install_lock.synchronize { Gem::Specification.reset }
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[aaron@TC rubygems (master)]$ GEM_HOME=100k_gems GEM_PATH=100k_gems ruby -I lib:~/git/allocation_tracer/lib:. -rmem_usage 100k_gems/bin/bundle -v
Bundler version 1.9.2
total allocations
View profile.rb
require 'minitest/autorun'
class FooTest < Minitest::Test
def self.profile name
define_method("test_profile_#{name}") do
# start timer
10.times { send name }
# end timer
if performace_regresses
flunk "you failed"
View test.rb
require 'sprockets'
require 'stackprof'
require 'tmpdir'
require 'fileutils'
require 'allocation_tracer'
require 'minitest/autorun' do
attr_reader :path, :environment, :env, :n
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diff --git a/vmdb/app/views/ems_cloud/new.html.haml b/vmdb/app/views/ems_cloud/new.html.haml
index 4752693..62a40f9 100644
--- a/vmdb/app/views/ems_cloud/new.html.haml
+++ b/vmdb/app/views/ems_cloud/new.html.haml
@@ -1 +1,2 @@
-= render :partial => "shared/views/ems_common/form"
+= form_for(@ems) do |f|
+ = render :partial => "shared/views/ems_common/form"
diff --git a/vmdb/config/routes.rb b/vmdb/config/routes.rb
index 8671d42..632fe8e 100644
View mt_complete.rb
#!/usr/bin/env ruby --disable-gems
# Tab completion for minitest tests.
# 1. Put this file in a directory in your $PATH. Make sure it's executable
# 2. Run this:
# $ complete -o bashdefault -f -C /path/to/this/file.rb ruby
View omg.rb
require 'active_record'
require 'minitest/autorun'
ActiveRecord::Base.establish_connection adapter: 'sqlite3', database: ':memory:'
ActiveRecord::Base.connection.instance_eval do
create_table(:users) do |t|
t.string :name
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