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// Given an iframe id and an anchor id that is present within the iframe,
// determine whether the element is visible/present inside the window viewport.
// This is not about the css 'display' property; this shows whether
// the window viewport contains the element.
var isVisible = function (anchor, iframe_id) {
var ifrId = iframe_id || 'bv_page';
var ifrOffset = window.parent.document.getElementById(ifrId).offsetTop;
var myloc = document.getElementById(anchor).offsetTop + ifrOffset;
var viewtop = window.parent.scrollY;
var cluster = require('cluster');
var http = require('http');
var numCPUs = require('os').cpus().length;
var createServer = function(port) {
var mjAPI = require("node_modules/MathJax-node/lib/mj-single");
MathJax: {
SVG: {
font: "STIX-Web"

PDF Testing Gist

These two files, and are code examples to go along with a blog article:

See the article for details on how to test your PDFs for broken internal and external links and for unembedded fonts.

from PyPDF2 import PdfFileReader
from pprint import pprint
def walk(obj, fnt, emb):
If there is a key called 'BaseFont', that is a font that is used in the document.
If there is a key called 'FontName' and another key in the same dictionary object
that is called 'FontFilex' (where x is null, 2, or 3), then that fontname is
var url = require('system').args[1];
var page = require('webpage').create();
function waitFor(testFn, onSuccessFn, timeOut) {
var start = new Date().getTime();
var condition = false;
var interval = setInterval(function() {
if ( (new Date().getTime() - start < timeOut) && !condition ) {
condition = testFn();
} else {
function ajaxRequest(){
return new XMLHttpRequest(async=false);
function mltest (){
var filename = window.location.href.substr(window.location.href.lastIndexOf("/")+1);
MathJax.Hub.Config({TeX: {noUndefined: {disabled: true}}});
MathJax.Hub.Queue(function() {console.log('finished rendering');});
MathJax.Hub.Register.MessageHook("TeX Jax - parse error",function (message) {
console.log('error encountered');
var mydata = {};
<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Encapsulate Trapping of Math and TeX errors</title>
<script type="text/x-mathjax-config">
// Turn off NoErrors extension
TeX: {noErrors: {disabled: true}}
// Set flag function for TeX Errors (undefined cs)
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