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Programming is for AIs. Let's go shopping.


Programming is for AIs. Let's go shopping.
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View fluffy.bas
10 REM フワフワ GW-BASIC port /w sound
12 XM=80: YM=24: X=XM/2: Y=1: OC=239: L=30
14 B=INT(RND*(XM-L*2))+L: SOUND 200,.5
15 UP=0: L=30-S/10: IF L<1 THEN L=1
17 A$=INKEY$: X=X+(A$="a")-(A$="s")
18 IF SCREEN(Y+1,X)=OC THEN Y=Y+1: SOUND 800,1
20 IF X<1 OR X>XM OR Y<1 OR Y>YM THEN 30
tomaes / colorconfusion.bas
Last active May 21, 2019
The Commodore Plus/4 supports 121 colors. Let's use 3 of them for a micro game. Quickly press the first letter of the color shown (not the color word displayed)
View colorconfusion.bas
10 vol 5
12 s=999: r=0
20 a$(0)="black": a(0)=1
22 a$(1)="grey ": a(1)=2
24 a$(2)="red ": a(2)=3
30 r=r+1
32 c=int(rnd(1)*3)
33 d=int(rnd(1)*3)
35 color1,a(d),5: printa$(c);
38 n=0: e=0
tomaes / whatsmore.rb
Last active May 22, 2019
Emoji-enhanced Ruby version of whatsmore.bas
View whatsmore.rb
# What's more?
# a quick guesstimation game
# (Emoji-enhanced Ruby version)
require 'time'
cont = true
r = 0
t =
tomaes / whatsmore.bas
Last active May 9, 2019
Started as a qb.js experiment, but it so happens that qb.js is a very limited implementation of QBasic. Had to go back to the real thing.
View whatsmore.bas
' What's more? (v1.1)
' a quick guesstimation game in QBASIC
' (slightly extended version, won't run in qb.js)
DIM c%(2): cont% = 1: r% = 0: bchar% = 97 '97 = a,b / 48 = 0,1
tomaes / sumofparts.bas
Created May 2, 2019
Miniature Edutainment Game in GW-BASIC. A minor tribute to the first programming language I came in contact with. Back when Pangea was still a thing. ;)
View sumofparts.bas
110 REM the sum of parts. GW-Basic edition
120 A$ = ""
130 FOR I=0 TO 19
140 N% = INT(RND(1)*10)
150 S% = S% + N%
160 A$ = A$ + CHR$(48+N%) + "+"
170 NEXT
180 A$ = LEFT$(A$,LEN(A$)-1) + "="
190 CLS: LOCATE 12,1: PRINT A$
tomaes / minesonar.lua
Last active May 9, 2019
the same minesonar.bas micro game in LUA
View minesonar.lua
-- minesonar.bas in Lua (aka first Lua test, v2)
r, x, y = 0, math.random(8), math.random(8)
print "There is a mine hidden in an 8x8 field"
r = r + 1
tomaes / minesonar.bas
Created Apr 26, 2019
Another micro game (\o/): uncover a mine as quickly as possible. Enter coordinates, get the distance back. (c64/vic20 et al.)
View minesonar.bas
0 x=int(rnd(1)*9):y=int(rnd(1)*9):print"where is the mine? enter x,y coords"
1 r=r+1:inputa,b:d=sqr(((x-a)*(x-a))+((y-b)*(y-b))):print"dist:"d:ifd>.1then1
5 print "done in"r"rounds!":ifr<4thenprint"wow!"
tomaes / c64romandkernal.bas
Last active Apr 22, 2019
A tiny program (with some fancy output) to detect a (classic) C64 OS/KERNAL and its version (well, v3 only, but hey...). Works on all(?) 8bit CBM machines.
View c64romandkernal.bas
0 c=-(peek(58504)=54): poke1024,.: k=-((peek(55296)and15)=14)
1 print"c64:"chr$(16*c+99),"kernal v3:"chr$(16*k+99)
tomaes / blocktumble.txt
Last active May 30, 2019
a few notes on block tumble!
View blocktumble.txt
"Block Tumble!" is a humble Commodore 64 puzzle game from 1991 in 2KBytes; it features 56(!) levels.
Here are some random notes I took while poking around in memory...
- the level encoding is fixed: 18 Bytes x 56 = 1008 Bytes
- the level data starts at 0BF9 (in memory), or at 03FA (file offset)
- a better, flexible encoding of the level data should take around ~870 Bytes
(assuming a not-too-crowded field in most levels and on average at least 8 wall stones)
(also: discussing level encoding should be a separate post, as there are MANY options :))
tomaes / mem20.bas
Last active Oct 30, 2016
Short (eh) memory card game for the standard VIC20 (should work on all the 8-bit Commodore machines, I think...)
View mem20.bas
0 fori=.to7step2:m(i)=i+2:m(i+1)=i+2:next:r=1
1 forj=.to9:fori=.to7:a=int(rnd(.)*8):h=m(i):m(i)=m(a):m(a)=h:nexti,j
2 print"#:"r:fori=.to7:printi;chr$(63+(m(i)<0)):next
3 r=r+1:input"cards";a,b:if(a=b)or((m(a)orm(b))<0)goto3
5 printchr$(13)m(a)m(b)chr$(13):ifm(a)=m(b)thenm(a)=-m(a):m(b)=-m(b)
8 s=.:fori=.to7:s=s+m(i):next:if(s>-40)goto2
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