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View EthereumSession.sol
pragma solidity 0.4.24;
contract EthereumSession {
uint myInt;
function setTheInt(uint _myInt) public {
myInt = _myInt;
function getTheInt() public view returns(uint) {
View solidity-revert-require-assert-transfer-send-call.sol
pragma solidity ^0.4.13;
contract secondContract {
uint public number = 0;
function increaseNumber() {
View ReEntrancyExample.sol
pragma solidity ^0.5.0;
contract Reentrance {
mapping (address => uint) userBalance;
function getBalance(address u) public view returns(uint){
return userBalance[u];
function addToBalance() public payable {
tomw1808 / Solidity050Changes.sol
Created Nov 23, 2018
Breaking Changes From Solidity 0.5.0
View Solidity050Changes.sol
pragma solidity 0.5.0;
contract SolidityChanges {
* The functions .call(), .delegatecall(), staticcall(),
* keccak256(), sha256() and ripemd160() now accept only
* a single bytes argument. Moreover, the argument is
* not padded. This was changed to make more explicit
tomw1808 / send_transfer_call.sol
Last active Dec 6, 2018
This is an example of the difference between "address.send()", "" and "address.transfer()" in Solidity. If you like this example, then checkout my courses I do on Udemy (
View send_transfer_call.sol
pragma solidity ^0.4.13;
contract someContract {
mapping(address => uint) balances;
function deposit() payable {
balances[msg.sender] += msg.value;
tomw1808 / call_exception.sol
Last active Apr 29, 2018
Example of a contract calling another contract and exceptions are thrown. One time with a named contract call, another time with a low level function call with call.value()()
View call_exception.sol
pragma solidity ^0.4.21;
contract A {
* Example of a named contract call exception
function someAException() public {
B myContractB = new B();