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Last active May 16, 2019 16:18
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import _xxsubinterpreters as interpreters
import threading
import textwrap as tw
import marshal
# Create a sub-interpreter
interpid = interpreters.create()
# If you had a function that generated some data
arry = list(range(0,100))
# Create a channel
channel_id = interpreters.channel_create()
# Pre-populate the interpreter with a module
interpreters.run_string(interpid, "import marshal; import _xxsubinterpreters as interpreters")
# Define a
def run(interpid, channel_id):
arry_raw = interpreters.channel_recv(channel_id)
arry = marshal.loads(arry_raw)
result = [1,2,3,4,5] # where you would do some calculating
result_raw = marshal.dumps(result)
interpreters.channel_send(channel_id, result_raw)
inp = marshal.dumps(arry)
interpreters.channel_send(channel_id, inp)
# Run inside a thread
t = threading.Thread(target=run, args=(interpid, channel_id))
# Sub interpreter will process. Feel free to do anything else now.
output = interpreters.channel_recv(channel_id)
output_arry = marshal.loads(output)
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