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triestpa/import.ipynb Secret

Last active Aug 24, 2017
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"cells": [
"cell_type": "code",
"execution_count": 1,
"metadata": {
"collapsed": true
"outputs": [],
"source": [
"import matplotlib.pyplot as plt\n",
"%matplotlib inline\n",
"import random\n",
"import numpy as np\n",
"import pandas as pd\n",
"from sklearn import datasets, svm, cross_validation, tree, preprocessing, metrics\n",
"import sklearn.ensemble as ske\n",
"import tensorflow as tf\n",
"from tensorflow.contrib import skflow"
"metadata": {
"kernelspec": {
"display_name": "Python 3",
"language": "python",
"name": "python3"
"language_info": {
"codemirror_mode": {
"name": "ipython",
"version": 3
"file_extension": ".py",
"mimetype": "text/x-python",
"name": "python",
"nbconvert_exporter": "python",
"pygments_lexer": "ipython3",
"version": "3.4.2"
"nbformat": 4,
"nbformat_minor": 0
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