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Pierre turbo

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The Comic

This is an irregularly updated comic about things. It might contain inside jokes. The strips all have alt text.

#2 Job Golfing

#1 Adventures of Uberman

View hotkeys-usage.js
import { createContext } from './hotkeys';
const c = createContext();
// Alerts when "no way" is typed in.
c.register('n o space w a y', () => {
alert('Yes way!');
turbo / hotkeys.js
Created May 15, 2020 — forked from abuduba/hotkeys.js
Hotkey library
View hotkeys.js
const isEqual = (a, b) => {
const aKeys = Object.keys(a);
if (aKeys.length !== Object.keys(b).length) {
return false;
return aKeys.every(
(k) =>, k)
&& a[k] === b[k],
turbo / shellcode.js
Created Apr 28, 2017
Execute ShellCode Via Jscript.NET
View shellcode.js
import System;
import System.Runtime.InteropServices;
import System.Reflection;
import System.Reflection.Emit;
import System.Runtime;
import System.Text;
//C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\jsc.exe Shellcode.js
//C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\jsc.exe Shellcode.js
View fargate.yml
XS-1X: &xs-1x
memory: "490Mi"
cpu: "240m"
memory: "490Mi"
cpu: "240m"
XS-2X: &xs-2x
View test.fnl.clj
(macro make [receiver classtable bodyfn]
`(local ,receiver (doto (class ,(tostring receiver) ,classtable)
; Handler that takes a single argument 'username'
(make UserHandler turbo.web.RequestHandler #(-> $1
(tset :get (fn [self name]
(self:write (.. "Username is " name))))))
View not_clojure.clj
(let [app (turbo.web.Application:new [
; No arguments, will work for 'localhost:8888' and 'localhost:8888/'
["/$" IndexHandler]
; Use the part of the url after /user/ as the first argument to
; UserHandler:get
["/user/(.*)$" UserHandler]
; Find two int's separated by a '/' after /add in the url
; and pass them as arguments to AddHandler:get
View test_file_loader.lua
local s = require 'say'
return function(busted, loaders)
local path = require 'pl.path'
local dir = require 'pl.dir'
local tablex = require 'pl.tablex'
local fileLoaders = {}
for _, v in pairs(loaders) do
if v ~= "moonscript" then
View gist:0900debaa38111551013b6661ddf5787
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View dat diagram example.svg
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