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binder / templateinstaller under buster

Other OS

see jabref help:


Using oracle jdk8 works as well, though it involves a little bit of extra work, as it now requires login before allowing one to download it, as the license changed (personal use is fine though)

  • go to:
  • download the linux 64bit package
  • unpack the downloaded file to a place of your chosing UNPACKED_PATH
  • add the UNPACKED_PATH/jdk1.8.0_221/bin to your path: export PATH=$PATH:UNPACKED_PATH/jdk1.8.0_221/bin (replace unpacked path with actual path)
  • start binder/template installer with: java -jar XXX
  • alternatively: UNPACKED_PATH/jdk1.8.0_221/bin/java -jar einkpads-binder.jar and put this into a .desktop file :-)

Ubuntu 18.04

verbose copy from the jabref help -- credits to them :-)

  • if you accidently installed the new version, remove it with sudo apt purge openjfx.
  • Install an older version with sudo apt install openjfx=8u161-b12-1ubuntu2 libopenjfx-jni=8u161-b12-1ubuntu2 libopenjfx-java=8u161-b12-1ubuntu2.
  • To prevent the software updater from installing the newer not supported version, mark it to be not updated with sudo apt-mark hold openjfx libopenjfx-jni libopenjfx-java.

Debian Buster (using packages from stretch)

It is most likely better to follow the general steps above and not add the stretch repository to apt...

Requires some special love, since version 8.X of openjfx has been dropped completely from buster, but right now we still need it for binder/templateinstaller to work. The ppa providing oracle jdk doesn't have java8 anymore as well, as oracle now requires a login for a download... (see But for now we can use the packages from stretch (the previous debian version)

Therefore proceed with caution and no guarantees given ;)

Add stretch repo

  • remove openjfx11 if already installed: sudo apt remove openjfx

  • sudo apt autoremove

  • create /etc/apt/sources.list.d/stretch.list with the following content:

    deb stretch main contrib non-free deb-src stretch main contrib non-free

    deb stretch/updates main contrib non-free

  • sudo apt update

  • sudo apt -t stretch install openjfx

  • sudo apt-mark hold openjfx libopenjfx-jni libopenjfx-java


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Do you have a Ubuntu 20.04 install document?

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universal commented Feb 17, 2021

Do you have a Ubuntu 20.04 install document?

not using binder anymore... so haven't tried it under 20.04. didn't really need the app and they didn't appear too competent regarding packaging a java app.

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