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0x000-0x040 nop/break slide
0x040-0x080 break vector
0x080-0x0c0 exception vector
0x0c0-0x3e0 ???
0x3e0-0x3f0 deci2drs?
0x3f0-0x400 loadcore bootmode info
0x400-0x420 excepman vector work storage:
0x400-0x404 $at save
0x404-0x408 EPC save
0x408-0x40C Status save
b'IRXARC.BIN' 243865 {'date': '2005/06/07'}
b'IRXPK246.301' 222293 {'date': '2006/03/27'}
b'IRXARC.BIN' 243500 {'date': '2006/02/28'}
b'IRXPK246.301' 222293 {'date': '2006/03/27'}
irxarc - taiko7-tk71.bin, taiko8-tk81001-na-a.bin, taiko10-t101001-na-a.bin, taiko9-tk91001-na-a.bin
irxpk246.301 - soulclb3-sc31001-na-a.bin, soulclb3a-sc31002-na-a.bin
acata (acatahd is newer)
8b49b1a6b64f04097c5ac63da22f813e - 2200, 2410
c370620cac44d48f66cd9b112b2188e4 - 2140, 2500, 2800 - newest
e595cdea547068f8ebde6e0ae3a633b3 - 2100, 2110, 2130, 2140,
05a1b815f7420746d6afd158bf7cf651 - 2100, 2410, 3100, - newest - b4ae71c954a7435710d4be18af0c2ba0, NM00048, NM00048, NM00052
b59b732c44d572ee7bc0426bad7b94fa - 3020, 3021, 3000
2b667ba2e5c941cebfcb2dbb41d27d82 - 2200, 2410 - newest - 0530902ecc03cd3839dfd4b9d9367440, NM00005, NM00006, NM00008
ff09f0d80f0b69073e2140bf697a52f9 - 2100, 2130, 2140
frame_sz = ida_frame.get_frame_size(func_for_frame)
frame_sz_args = ida_frame.frame_off_args(func_for_frame)
frame_sz_lvars = ida_frame.frame_off_lvars(func_for_frame)
frame_sz_retaddr = ida_frame.frame_off_retaddr(func_for_frame)
frame_sz_savregs = ida_frame.frame_off_savregs(func_for_frame)
sp_delta = ida_frame.get_sp_delta(func_for_frame, func_ea)
r = ida_range.range_t()
ida_frame.get_frame_part(r, func_for_frame, ida_frame.FPC_ARGS)
range_fpc_args = r.end_ea - r.start_ea
r = ida_range.range_t()

Playstation 2 networking stacks


Main code on the IOP. SCE-developed.

Relevant IOP modules:

  • inet.irx
  • inetctl.irx
名称 機能/参照ページ
Z取り出し ディスクを取り出すボタン
Gガイド 番組表を表示させる (28)
ゲーム終了 ゲームモードを終了する(64)
電源 本機の電源を入れる
数字ボタン チャンネルを選ぶ/数字を入力する(17)
BSチャンネル BSチャンネルを選ぶ
クリア 入力した数字を消す
トップメニュー DVDのタイトルを表示させる
メニュー DVDのメニューを表示させる
import idaapi, idc, inspect, ida_bytes, ida_nalt
for i in range(8):
arrptr = int.from_bytes(idc.get_bytes(0x2AD200 + (i * 4), 4), byteorder="little")
for j in range(527):
strptr = int.from_bytes(idc.get_bytes(arrptr + (j * 4), 4), byteorder="little")
numbytes = ida_bytes.get_max_strlit_length(strptr, ida_nalt.STRTYPE_TERMCHR, ida_bytes.ALOPT_IGNHEADS | ida_bytes.ALOPT_IGNCLT)
ida_bytes.del_items(strptr, ida_bytes.DELIT_EXPAND, numbytes)
ida_bytes.create_strlit(strptr, numbytes, ida_nalt.STRTYPE_TERMCHR)

Ghidra quick start guide

Context sensitive help

Press "F1" or Help menu item on anything

Canceling operation

Stuck on an error or warning? Try using "esc" to cancel the input

DTL list

(This is a mirror from with adjustments to make it render properly)

Here is my own DTL list. I didn't really use existing DTL list to create it. It was created after years of collecting and searching. I still can't confirm some things and I still don't have every thing of course but I have seen or even have the most of these things. The software and documentation here is mostly Japanese because SCEA and SCEE used their own mixes under their own codes and they were mostly the same every time. The books from SCEA and SCEE rarely had any DTL codes.

The list is still raw. Ask any questions. I will try to answer. Post any DTL stuff here if you don't see it in the list or it has "?".


External plugin support for Kirikiri SDL2

Support for external plugins has been implemented in Kirikiri SDL2.

For Win32 platforms, in most cases, the plugins built for Kirikiri 2 and Kirikiri Z will work as-is without any modifications.

The source code for plugins ported to work with Kirikiri SDL2's other supported platforms can be found in the "krkrsdl2" branch, and releases/binaries in the "latest_krkrsdl2" tag: (basetest, exceptiontest, extrans, imagesaver, nativeclasstest, wutcwf, xp3dec)