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Alex veirus

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veirus / autobrackets.vim
Created May 28, 2018
Simple function and mappings to close brackets automagically. In practice this shit is more irritating than helpful.
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" Auto-insert closing parenthesis/brace {{{2
" TODO: make bracket insertion a little smarter
" right now it gets in the way more than it helps
inoremap ( ()<Left>
inoremap { {}<Left>
inoremap [ []<Left>
" Auto-delete closing parenthesis/brace
function! BetterBackSpace() abort
let cur_line = getline('.')
veirus / switchvim.bat
Created May 14, 2018
Switch between two different .vim dirs on the fly - Windows version
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@echo off
if exist "%USERPROFILE%\vimfiles" ( if not exist "%USERPROFILE%\vimfiles_" (move "%USERPROFILE%\vimfiles" "%USERPROFILE%\vimfiles_") else (echo "0 -> _ failed, _ exists"))
if exist "%USERPROFILE%\vimfiles1" ( if not exist "%USERPROFILE%\vimfiles" (move "%USERPROFILE%\vimfiles1" "%USERPROFILE%\vimfiles") else (echo "1 -> 0 failed, 0 exists"))
if exist "%USERPROFILE%\vimfiles_" ( if not exist "%USERPROFILE%\vimfiles1" (move "%USERPROFILE%\vimfiles_" "%USERPROFILE%\vimfiles1") else (echo "_ -> 1 failed, 1 exists"))
veirus / foldmarker_map.vim
Created May 13, 2018
Simple mapping to quickly insert default fold marker
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nnoremap <expr> <leader><Tab> getline('.') =~ "\"" ? "m1A {{{1<Esc>`1" : "m1A \" {{{1<Esc>`1"
nnoremap <expr> <leader>1<Tab> getline('.') =~ "\"" ? "m2A }}}1<Esc>`2" : "m1A \" }}}1<Esc>`2"
inoremap <expr> <localleader><Tab> getline('.') =~ "\"" ? "<Esc>m1A {{{1<C-o>`1" : "<Esc>m1A\" {{{1<C-o>`1"
inoremap <expr> <localleader>1<Tab> getline('.') =~ "\"" ? "<Esc>m2A }}}1<C-o>`2" : "<Esc>m2A\" }}}1<C-o>`2"
veirus /
Created Mar 12, 2018 - generate a (play)list of specified filetypes
#!/usr/bin/env python3
'''Findmedia - generate a (play)list of specified filetypes'''
import os
__revision__ = '8'
vidia = ('3gp', 'AVI', 'VOB', 'WMV', 'wmv', 'avi', 'flv', 'mka', 'mkv',
'mov', 'mp4', 'mpeg', 'mpg', 'vob', 'ogm')
newformats = ('webm')
veirus / com.bat
Created Jan 16, 2018
Moving pictures into corresponding dirs: batch file edition.
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@echo off
if exist "*.jpg" (md ".\jpg\") && (move *.jpg ".\jpg\") && (move *.jpeg ".\jpg\") ELSE (echo no jpg)
if exist "*.tga" (md ".\tga\") && (move *.tga ".\tga\") ELSE (echo no tga)
if exist "*.bmp" (md ".\bmp\") && (move *.bmp ".\bmp\") ELSE (echo no bmp)
if exist "*.gif" (md ".\gif\") && (move *.gif ".\gif\") ELSE (echo no gif)
if exist "*.psd" (md ".\psd\") && (move *.psd ".\psd\") ELSE (echo no psd)
if exist "*.png" (md ".\png\") && (move *.png ".\png\") ELSE (echo no png)
veirus /
Last active May 14, 2018
DROR updated for Python 3.6
#!/usr/bin/env python3.6
# dror - datetime format edition
# Based on
# 2018-05-14: convert to Pathlib; remove .encode('utf-8'); add alt output template
__verstion__ = '0.5.2'
import os.path
import glob
from datetime import date
from pathlib import Path
veirus /
Created Dec 25, 2017
dict instead of switch block
def a():
def b():
def default():
veirus / search.css
Created Dec 13, 2017
Search input custom element. Also works well with wp
View search.css
/* header__search {{{3 */
/* use postcss-next */
&__search {
text-align: right;
cursor: pointer;
position: relative;
@nest & .screen-reader-text {
position: absolute;
left: -9999px;
top: -99999px;
View header__contacts.php
<div class="header__contacts col-9 col-m-12">
<div class="col-8 col-m-12">
<?php $_phone = get_field('site_phone', 'options');
$_tel = preg_replace("/[^0-9]/", "", $_phone); ?>
<p><a href="tel:+<?php echo $_tel;?>" class="phone"><?php echo $_phone; ?></a></p>
<p><?php the_field('site_adress', 'options'); ?></p>
<div class="col-4 col-m-12 header__btns"><a class="btn js-mopen" href="#modal">Заказать консультацию</a></div>
View wp_setup_acf_options.php
if( function_exists('acf_add_options_page') ) {
'menu_title' => 'Настройки контента',
'menu_slug' => 'theme-general-settings',
'capability' => 'edit_posts',
//'icon_url' => '/wp-content/themes/tt_landing/favicon.png',
'post_id' => 'options',
'position' => 2,
'redirect' => true
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