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Building awesome teams, software, and systems architecture

Victor Quinn victorquinn

Building awesome teams, software, and systems architecture
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victorquinn / gist:2252458
Created Mar 30, 2012
cache_set() not getting hit?
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$form_id = "test1234";
$form = array('nthnth' => "NNnthnthnt");
$form_state = array('sntssss' => "NTHNTHNTHNTH");
form_set_cache($form_id, $form, $form_state);
watchdog('vcache', 'Cache about to be called!');
cache_set('form_' . $form_id, $form, 'cache_form', time());
victorquinn / VolumeAdjust.applescript
Last active Feb 10, 2018
Alfred Adjust Volume Applescript
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on alfred_script(q)
set tmp to splitString(q, " ")
set q to item 1 of tmp
if length of tmp is 2 then
set change to item 2 of tmp
set change to 10
end if
set current to output volume of (get volume settings)
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/* Bookmarklet for viewing source in iPad Safari */
var pageHTML = document.documentElement.innerHTML;
var otherlib = false;
var jQueryLoaded = false;
document.documentElement.innerHTML = '<!DOCTYPE html><html><head><title>Source of ' + location.href + '</title><meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width" /></head><body><div id="editor" style="height:' + window.innerHeight + 'px;width:' + window.innerWidth + 'px;"></div></body></html>';
/* Load jQuery */
if(typeof jQuery != 'undefined') {
console.log('This page already using jQuery v' + jQuery.fn.jquery);
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