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1 event containing 1 level
<Settings Name="1 event containing 1 level" BarracudaAllowed="False" Video="" FallbackTexture="" />
<Group PointsToUnlock="0">
<Frontend Name="Cassandra Event" Description="" />
<Awards BronzeValue="1" SilverValue="1" GoldValue="1" PlatinumValue="1" EasyScore="1" HardScore="1" />
<Mode Gamemode="Race" ModernPhysics="False" SpeedClass="Zen">
<Level Name="Cassandra" />
<Modifiers Hardcore="False" Weapons="True" Mirror="False" ExtraLaps="0" ForcePlayerShip="False" ForceAiShip="False" />
<Ai Difficulty="Experienced" Count="7" UseSpeedMult="False" SpeedMult="0" />
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