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BLS "Malleability" PoC Description

Problem 1: BLS signature validation in lotus uses blst library method VerifyCompressed. This method accepts signatures in 2 forms: "serialized", and "compressed", meaning that BLS signatures can be provided as either of 2 unique byte arrays.

Problem 2: Lotus block validation functions perform a uniqueness check on provided blocks. Two blocks are considered distinct if the CIDs of their blockheader do not match. The CID method for blockheader includes the BlockSig of the block.

As a result: Two blocks that are identical in every way (except that one uses a "serialized" BlockSig and the other "compressed"), will be considered distinct blocks. These problems occur in at least 3 locations in lotus code:

  1. /chain/sync.go::ValidateBlock:
    • Checks if the provided block has already been validated by comparing its CID against already-validated blocks (ref)
    • Checks block signature using VerifyCompressed (ref)
  2. /chain/vm/syscalls.go::VerifyConsensusFault:
    • Compares two submitted blocks using their CID (ref)
    • Verifies both blocks' signatures using VerifyCompressed (ref)
  3. /chain/sub/incoming.go::Validate:
    • Checks against blocks in cache using CID (ref)
    • Verifies block signature using VerifyCompressed (ref)

Remediation: Blocks should be checked for uniqueness without the inclusion of the BlockSig.

Notes: The code below is a POC that VerifyCompressed will accept signatures when provided in both forms: "serialized" and "compressed". The console output of the POC follows:

Verifying signature...
P2Affine.Verify: Valid!
Serialized: 04f423a63f915e347f19ef629741251e26518ced0a14d5130ed8760e0bf91c72f085ba6b984f15ef7f7ea9d3421fd4a910d40ec76a3a31452574234ed00039e55a01f4994328604ae60134b6854b2a5082810e1a676826de5c8babf057ceb8421915f1fd5cdb1cd38de7a9016c0e5eeeb29ac0d3c29a128476258cf39e0ce04d1bff8f02984c79eb57bebe75a73a66a813fec8d09868929e5bfe9f55d3185abcb74337a11868577071420e7cede325c0c75ca0ba90aeb8040e0e4eecacb21143
(len: 192)
Compressed: a4f423a63f915e347f19ef629741251e26518ced0a14d5130ed8760e0bf91c72f085ba6b984f15ef7f7ea9d3421fd4a910d40ec76a3a31452574234ed00039e55a01f4994328604ae60134b6854b2a5082810e1a676826de5c8babf057ceb842
(len: 96)
VerifyCompressed(sigSerialized, pkSerialized): Valid!
VerifyCompressed(sigSerialized, pkCompressed): Valid!
VerifyCompressed(sigCompressed, pkSerialized): Valid!
VerifyCompressed(sigCompressed, pkCompressed): Valid!
go 1.15
require v0.2.0
package main
import (
blst ""
type PublicKey = blst.P1Affine
type Signature = blst.P2Affine
type AggregateSignature = blst.P2Aggregate
type AggregatePublicKey = blst.P1Aggregate
func main() {
var ikm [32]byte
_, _ = rand.Read(ikm[:])
sk := blst.KeyGen(ikm[:])
pk := new(PublicKey).From(sk)
var dst = []byte("BLS_SIG_BLS12381G2_XMD:SHA-256_SSWU_RO_NUL_")
msg := []byte("BLS-MALLEABILITY-POC")
sig := new(Signature).Sign(sk, msg, dst)
fmt.Println("Verifying signature...")
fmt.Printf("P2Affine.Verify: ")
if !sig.Verify(pk, msg, dst) {
fmt.Println("ERROR: Invalid!")
} else {
// Serialize and compress signatures and pks
sigSerialized := sig.Serialize()
sigCompressed := sig.Compress()
pkSerialized := pk.Serialize()
pkCompressed := pk.Compress()
// Print signature bytes. Length must be under 200 to meet CBOR unmarshal restrictions
fmt.Printf("Serialized: %x\n(len: %d)\n", sigSerialized, len(sigSerialized))
fmt.Printf("Compressed: %x\n(len: %d)\n", sigCompressed, len(sigCompressed))
// 1. VerifyCompressed with serialized signature / serialized PK
fmt.Printf("VerifyCompressed(sigSerialized, pkSerialized): ")
if !new(Signature).VerifyCompressed(sigSerialized, pkSerialized, msg, dst) {
fmt.Println("ERROR: Invalid!")
} else {
// 2. VerifyCompressed with serialized signature / compressed PK
fmt.Printf("VerifyCompressed(sigSerialized, pkCompressed): ")
if !new(Signature).VerifyCompressed(sigSerialized, pkCompressed, msg, dst) {
fmt.Println("ERROR: Invalid!")
} else {
// 3. VerifyCompressed with compressed signature / serialized PK
fmt.Printf("VerifyCompressed(sigCompressed, pkSerialized): ")
if !new(Signature).VerifyCompressed(sigCompressed, pkSerialized, msg, dst) {
fmt.Println("ERROR: Invalid!")
} else {
// 4. VerifyCompressed with compressed signature / compressed PK
fmt.Printf("VerifyCompressed(sigCompressed, pkCompressed): ")
if !new(Signature).VerifyCompressed(sigCompressed, pkCompressed, msg, dst) {
fmt.Println("ERROR: Invalid!")
} else {
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