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Learning Full Stack Development

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Learning Full Stack Development
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waynewallace / plurality.c
Created May 17, 2020 19:29
Harvard CS50 Plurality.c Assignment
#include <cs50.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
// Implement a program that runs a plurality election, per the below.
// $ ./plurality Alice Bob Charlie
// Number of voters: 4
// Vote: Alice
// Vote: Bob
waynewallace / substitution.c
Created May 15, 2020 06:36
Harvard CS50 Substitution
// substitution.c
// Implement a program that does a substitution cipher with a user supplied key
// Sample Usage
// $ ./substitution qwerTyuIopasDfghjKlzXcVbnm
// Text to encrypt: Wayne is the BEST programmer in the WORLD!
// plaintext:Wayne is the BEST programmer in the WORLD!
// ciphertext:Vqnft ol zit WTLZ hkgukqddtk of zit VGKSR!
waynewallace / readability.c
Last active May 12, 2020 06:20
Harvard CS50 Readability.c Assignment
// readability.c
// Design and implement a program, readability, that computes the Coleman-Liau index of the text.
// Implement your program in a file called readability.c in a directory called readability.
// Your program must prompt the user for a string of text (using get_string).
// Your program should count the number of letters, words, and sentences in the text. You may
// assume that a letter is any lowercase character from a to z or any uppercase character from
// A to Z, any sequence of characters separated by spaces should count as a word, and that any
waynewallace / mario.c
Created May 11, 2020 16:58
Harvard C Assignment 1
// mario.c
// prints pyrimid block wall with stair step on both sides with valley of
// spaces in the middle
// Sample output
// Height:
// 4
// # #