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// TODO: be life good

William Correa wilcorrea

// TODO: be life good
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# usage:
# checker ""
while true
counter=$((counter + 1))
status=$(curl -o /dev/null -s -w "%{http_code}\n" ${1})
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[data-testid="unlike"] .css-901oao.css-16my406.r-1qd0xha.r-ad9z0x.r-bcqeeo.r-qvutc0,
[data-testid="like"] .css-901oao.css-16my406.r-1qd0xha.r-ad9z0x.r-bcqeeo.r-qvutc0,
.css-901oao.css-16my406.r-4qtqp9.r-ip8ujx.r-sjv1od.r-zw8f10.r-bnwqim.r-h9hxbl > div {
display: none;
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v-for="(row, key) in rows"
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# allow all methods
header('Access-Control-Allow-Methods: POST, GET, PUT, PATCH, DELETE, OPTIONS');
# allow some headers
header('Access-Control-Allow-Headers: Authorization, Bearer, Device, Origin, Accept, Content-Type');
# allow expose some headers
header('Access-Control-Expose-Headers: Authorization, Bearer, Device');
# get the request method
$method = $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] ?? null;
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style="min-height: calc(30vh + 40px)"
<QCardSection class="row">
<div class="col-sm-6 flex justify-sm-center justify-start items-center">
<div class="q-mb-md text-weight-medium">
{{ $lang('pages.dashboard.index.charts.transaction-history') }}
View ExampleSchema.ts
import Schema from '@devitools/Agnostic/Schema'
import Service from './InviteService'
import { domain } from '../settings'
import { Component, Context, SchemaTable } from '@devitools/Agnostic/Helper/interfaces'
import { positions, scopes, SCOPES } from '@devitools/Agnostic/enum'
import { unique } from '@devitools/Util/general'
import { RULES } from 'src/settings/schema'
import { replacement } from '@devitools/Util/string'
wilcorrea / Dockerfile
Last active Aug 21, 2020
Quasar with docker
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# tevun/quasar
FROM node:alpine
RUN apk --update add openssh-client git
RUN npm install --global \
@vue/cli@4.5.4 && \
@vue/cli-init@4.5.4 \
View [3]Router.php
namespace Hero;
class Router
private $routes = [];
public function on($method, $path, $callback)
View register-service-worker.js
import { Loading, Notify } from 'quasar'
import { register } from 'register-service-worker'
import $lang from '@devitools/Lang'
// The ready(), registered(), cached(), updatefound() and updated()
// events passes a ServiceWorkerRegistration instance in their arguments.
// ServiceWorkerRegistration:
register(process.env.SERVICE_WORKER_FILE, {
// The registrationOptions object will be passed as the second argument
View docker-compose.yml
version: '3'
# Networks
# Internal network
driver: bridge
# Volumes
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