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williamcaban / Simulating Bare Metal with
Last active May 30, 2024 11:39
Bare Metal IPMI for VMs with Virtual BMC

Simulate Bare-Metal IPMI for VMs in RHEL8 Libvirt

  • Install the Virtual BMC package in the machine to use as the vBMC server. Note1: When using OpenStack repos the python3-virtualbmc RPM might be available. These instrucctions do not use that package.
    pip3 install virtualbmc
    • The vBMC server can be running in any machine. When using a remote libvirt server it is recommended to have passwordless authentication from the vBMC server to the libvirt machines.
    • For this document the vBMC Server export vBMCServerIP=

Using Sushy Tools with Libvirt

  • Add linux user to libvirt group
sudo usermod -a -G libvirt <your-user>
sudo -y install libvirt-devel gcc python3-devel
  • Login and validate user can execute virsh commands
williamcaban / api-access-from-jumphost.yaml
Last active April 5, 2024 01:17
Example of limiting the access to OpenShift control-plane, Kube API and SSH to control plane nodes using the Ingress Node Firewall Operator
kind: IngressNodeFirewallConfig
name: ingressnodefirewallconfig
namespace: openshift-ingress-node-firewall
nodeSelector: ""
williamcaban / Export RHV to
Last active January 11, 2024 11:06
Customizing and Expanding QCOW2 Images

Export RHV/Ovirt VM to qcow2 format

  1. Configure export domain in RHV or Ovirt

  2. Export the VM to the export domain. A new directory with the vdisk uuid will be created and the VM will be exported to it.

    • A sample export /exportfs/export_domain/<vdisk_uuid>/images/<disk_id>
  3. Mount the export domain ito a Linux mcahine and go into the <vdisk_uuid>/images

  4. In the folder there iwll be a file with a uuid representing the <disk_id> and a meta file

  5. Use qemu-img convert to convert to qcow2 format

set -euoE pipefail
# Redfish commands related to Virtual Media.
# Redfish doc reference:
export BMC_ADDRESS=''
export ISO_IMAGE=
export username_password='Administrator:superuser'

Troubleshooting CPU isolation

  • Identifying cores assigned to a particular container
ID=$(crictl ps --label<name-of-container> -o json | jq -r '.containers[0].id')
PID=$(crictl inspect $ID | jq -r '')
taskset -pc $PID 


williamcaban /
Created September 17, 2021 12:34
Script to test latency and speed towards OpenShift Kubernetes API Server
# If $USERNAME and $PASSWORD are not defined
# in the environment prompt for them
if [ -z "${USERNAME+x}" ]; then
read -p 'Username: ' USERNAME
if [ -z "${PASSWORD+x}" ]; then
read -sp 'Password: ' PASSWORD
echo -e "\nAttempting to find the K8s API Server and token"
williamcaban / NetFlow or SFlow with OpenShift
Created May 2, 2020 15:24
Simple procedure to enable NetFlow or SFlow on OpenShift 4

Netflow or sFlow on OpenShift 4 w/OVN Kubernetes

  • Identify the ovs-node of the Node hosting the Pods to monitor

    # oc get pods --selector="app=ovs-node" -o wide
    ovs-node-4hldj   1/1     Running   0          47h   worker-1   <none>           <none>

ovs-node-bd9ln 1/1 Running 0 47h master-1

williamcaban /
Created August 2, 2020 22:22
Using client/server iperf pods

Using iperf Pods

  • Create namespace or project for running iperf tests:
oc new-project iperf-test
  • Create server Pod
rm -f pod-iperf-server.yaml