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withakay / UnlockScheduledTask.ps1
Created Feb 19, 2021
This Powershell script updates the security descriptor for scheduled tasks so that any user can run the task.
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This Powershell script updates the security descriptor for scheduled tasks so that any user can run the task.
Version 1.0 of this script only displays tasks in the root folder. I want to make sure that works first.
Earlier versions of Windows apparently used file permissions on C:\Windows\System32\Tasks files to manage security.
Windows now uses the SD value on tasks under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Schedule\TaskCache\Tree to accomplish that.
withakay /
Created Feb 8, 2021
Install the latest docker-compose
# A script that will always install the latest docker-compose.
# Execute as root.
# See official docs for more
curl -L "$(uname -s)-$(uname -m)" -o /usr/local/bin/docker-compose
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/docker-compose
withakay /
Last active Feb 4, 2021
Extend/Resize a partition and logic volume on Ubuntu Linux that was installed with LVM enabled
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# This script will extend the logical volume
# To use all the free space.
# Run this after increasing the size of the virtual disk.
# NOTE, run as sudo.
# Run `pvdisplay` to check your device numbers match up
# /dev/sda3 & ubuntu-vg & ubuntu-lv are the defaults
# if you chose LVM when installing Ubuntu
withakay / dhcpd.conf
Created Dec 2, 2020
Update Route53 from ISC DHCP Server when a new lease is created via python and boto3
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# add to dhcpd.conf
# make sure the dhcpd user has permission to execute the script
on commit {
set ClientName = pick-first-value(option fqdn.hostname, option host-name, "unknown-hostname");
set ClientIp = binary-to-ascii(10, 8, ".", leased-address);
set ClientMac = binary-to-ascii(16, 8, ":", substring(hardware, 1, 6));
execute("/opt/dhcpd-hooks/", "commit", ClientName, ClientIp, ClientMac);
withakay / sigred_temp_fix.bat
Created Jul 17, 2020
SigRed temp registry fix
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reg add "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\DNS\Parameters" /v "TcpReceivePacketSize" /t REG_DWORD /d 0xFF00 /f && net stop DNS && net start DNS
withakay / NTLM.cs
Created Oct 8, 2019
NTLM Hash function in c#
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public static string Ntlm(string key)
const uint INIT_A = 0x67452301;
const uint INIT_B = 0xefcdab89;
const uint INIT_C = 0x98badcfe;
withakay /
Created Jan 7, 2020
Doing. Log what you are doing to a text file with a timestamp in a markdown friendly manner
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# path to the 'doing' file, if this doesn't exist one will be created (see below)
# the entry prefix, a tab and hyphen, so markdown parsers can render it
# date now as yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm - e.g. 2019-05-25 21:56
now=`date '+%F %H:%M'`
withakay / bjorklund.js
Created Oct 14, 2011
Bjorklund algorithm in JavaScript
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An implementation of the Bjorklund algorithm in JavaScript
Inspired by the paper 'The Euclidean Algorithm Generates Traditional Musical Rhythms'
by Godfried Toussaint

This is a port of the original algorithm by E. Bjorklund which I
found in the paper 'The Theory of Rep-Rate Pattern Generation in the SNS Timing Systems' by
E. Bjorklund.
View windows-vpn.ps1
# Path for the public phonebook. Used as this is an all users connection.
# Change $env:PROGRAMDATA to $env:APPDATA if not creating an AllUserConnection.
$PbkPath = Join-Path $env:PROGRAMDATA 'Microsoft\Network\Connections\Pbk\rasphone.Pbk'
# Update these variables with the actual VPN name, address, and PSK.
$ConnectionName = 'ArrayString0',"ArrayString1", "ArracyString3","ArracyString4"
$ServerAddress = '','','',''
$PresharedKey = 'PreSharedKeySecret'
# If no VPNs, rasphone.Pbk may not already exist
ssh-rsa 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 jack@f4der.local