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This post links my 3Box profile to my Github account! Web3 social profiles by 3Box.
✅ did:3:bafyreiawd52guayrf7tchdz5gyhtdtg4ks3kjwgh2cwn6ohu2o4jwrwxzm ✅
Create your profile today to start building social connection and trust online at
wongmjane / bookmarklet.js
Last active Jun 7, 2020
Guesstimate the original tweet of a shared video on Twitter
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javascript:(()=>{const match=document.title.match(/(\bhttps?:\/\/t\.co\/[a-zA-Z0-9\-\.as]+)/g);if(match!==null){window.location=match.slice(-1)[0]}})()
wongmjane / medium-unclap.js
Last active Jun 7, 2020
Unclap everything on Medium
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* Unclaps everything on Medium
* @author Jane Manchun Wong
(async () => {
if ( !== '' ) {
console.error(`This script won't work unless you go to Medium:\n`)
wongmjane / Stylefile.yml
Created Jul 29, 2018 — forked from loopyz/Stylefile.yml
Customizations for via StyleURL.
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version: 1.0
timestamp: '2018-07-29T17:35:31Z'
id: kCd7
shared_via: 'StyleURL – import and export CSS changes from Chrome Inspector to a Gist
wongmjane / fb-oc-only-feed-filter.txt
Created Apr 23, 2018
uBlock rule for hiding shared posts on Facebook
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wongmjane / hide_all_newsfeed_pages.js
Created Apr 8, 2018
Hide all Pages from newsfeed
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// I wrote this because I'm fed up with all the spam memes and cheesy quotes people share on Facebook.
// 1. Automate clicking the story action buttons to gather the URIs to hide those pages`[data-testid='post_chevron_button']`),a=>
// 2. Hide it.`a[data-feed-option-name='UNSUBSCRIBE_ATTACHED_STORY_ACTOR']`),a=>/Hide all from/.test(a.querySelector('._2ezu').title)).map(a=>new AsyncRequest(a.getAttribute('ajaxify')).send())
wongmjane / hide_some_fb_ads.js
Last active Dec 18, 2018
Hide Ad Interests and Past Advertisers from FB
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// this will not remove your data from them, but it will help reducing the bits of info from making your ads personalized
// it can be manually done on but they guessed like 300 interests and i am too lazy to hide each of them one by one
// run this on on a web browser
// this hides your ad interests
new AsyncRequest('/ads/profile/interests').setHandler(({
payload: {

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