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Travis Smith wpsmith

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wpsmith / adobe-licenses.vbs
Last active Jan 24, 2023
VBS: Get All Adobe License Keys
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'Modified by Travis Smith ( to fetch all Adobe licenses.
'Written by Ryan Williams (, I am not a programmer so please excuse the messy code
'Now to give credit where credit is due:
'Cipher code converted from Sam Gleske's javascript found at:
'His code was Converted from the source for "Enchanted Keyfinder"
'original algorithm by Dave Hope (
'To run this program make sure that sqlite3.exe is in the same folder as this vbs file.
'SQLITE3 source and binaries can be found at
wpsmith / browser-language-codes.js
Last active Jan 3, 2023
JS: Object of Browser Language Codes
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// <![CDATA[
var langCodes = {
"af": "Afrikaans",
"sq": "Albanian",
"an": "Aragonese",
"ar": "Arabic (Standard)",
"ar-dz": "Arabic (Algeria)",
"ar-bh": "Arabic (Bahrain)",
"ar-eg": "Arabic (Egypt)",
"ar-iq": "Arabic (Iraq)",
wpsmith / articulate-email.js
Created Mar 22, 2013
Creates New Email with To, Subject, and basic body text.
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var player = GetPlayer();
var email = player.GetVar("ManagerEmail");
var name = player.GetVar("Name");
var texto = player.GetVar("Commitment") + "\n";
var subject = "My Corporate Responsibility Commitment";
var body_start = "Dear Manager,\n" + name + " has sent you his/her Corporate Responsibility Commitment:\n";
var body_end = "Please discuss this commitment with " + name + "\n";
var mailto_link = 'mailto:' + email + '?subject=' + subject + '&body=' + encodeURIComponent(body_start + texto + body_end);
win =, 'emailWin');
wpsmith / Tetris_Shortcode.php
Created Sep 27, 2015
PHP: Tetris WordPress Shortcode
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* Class Tetris_Shortcode
class Tetris_Shortcode {
* Whether in debug mode or not.
* @var bool
View bootstrap-metro-tile.css
* metro-bootstrap files
.tile {
display: block;
cursor: pointer;
-webkit-perspective: 0;
-webkit-transform-style: preserve-3d;
-webkit-transition: -webkit-transform 0.2s;
float: left;
wpsmith / composer.json
Last active Oct 11, 2022
PHP: Hide User Mu-Plugin
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"name": "wpsmith/hide-user",
"description": "Hides user in WordPress Admin.",
"type": "project",
"license": "GPLv2+",
"authors": [
"name": "Travis Smith",
"email": ""
wpsmith / Set-WebApplicataionPool.ps1
Created Apr 2, 2015
PowerShell - Change SharePoint Web Application Pool
View Set-WebApplicataionPool.ps1
# Name: Set-WebApplicataionPool.ps1
# Description: This script will change SP WebApplication Pools for a Web Application
# Usage: Run the function with the required parameters
# By: Ivan Josipovic,
Function Set-WebApplicataionPool($WebAppURL,$ApplicationPoolName){
$apppool = [Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPWebService]::ContentService.ApplicationPools | where {$_.Name -eq $ApplicationPoolName}
if ($apppool -eq $null){
wpsmith / CopyFilesToAzureStorageContainer.ps1
Created Nov 25, 2014
PowerShell: Copy Files to Azure Storage Container
View CopyFilesToAzureStorageContainer.ps1
Copies files from a local folder to an Azure blob storage container.
Copies files (in parallel) from a local folder to a named Azure storage
blob container. The copy operation can optionally recurse the local folder
using the -Recurse switch. The storage container is assumed to already exist
unless the -CreateContainer switch is provided.
Note: This script requires an Azure Storage Account to run. The storage account
wpsmith / WPS_Ajax.php
Created Aug 13, 2015
PHP/JS: WordPress Ajax as OOP.
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* WP Ajax Abstract Class.
* @package WPS_Core
* @author Travis Smith <>
* @copyright 2014 Travis Smith
* @license GPL-2.0+
wpsmith / wps_force_ssl_shopp_urls.php
Created Jun 10, 2013
Conditionally add https scheme to URLs.
View wps_force_ssl_shopp_urls.php
add_filter( 'shopp_url', 'wps_force_ssl_shopp_urls', 999 );
* Conditionally add https scheme to URLs.
* @param string $url URL string.
* @return string $url Maybe modified URL.