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wqweto / BbCode2Rtf.bas
Last active August 12, 2021 13:43
Convert BBCode to RTF
Option Explicit
' BbCodes supported:
' b, i, u
' size={FontSize}
' color={ColorNameOrValue}
' font={FontName}
' table={Col1_Width},{Col2_Width}, ...[;[TableLeftOffset],[ColumnLeftOffset]]
' row={Col1_BackColor},{Col2_BackColor}, ...;<<col1_border>>;<<col2_border>>;...]
' <<colN_border>>:=[BorderLeftColor] [BorderLeftWidth],[BorderTopColor] [BorderTopWidth],[BorderRightColor] [BorderRightWidth],[BorderBottomColor] [BorderBottomWidth]
wqweto / NumberToWords (Bulgarian)
Last active October 27, 2020 09:07
Конвертиране на число в словом с думи за VBA за Microsoft Excel. По подразбиране работи за левове в мъжки род, но може да се използва и за мярка в женски род (например метро единици) или среден род (например евро)
' Конвертиране на число в словом с думи за VBA за Microsoft Excel
' Copyright (c) 2012-2018 Unicontsoft (
' По подразбиране конвертира левове (в мъжки род), но може да се използва и за мярка в женски род (например метро
' единици) или среден род (например евро).
wqweto / gist:4257321
Created December 11, 2012 09:34
Fix for 'Last good DBCC CHECKDB over 2 weeks old'
Sample DBCC DBInfo() With TableResults output. Notice double dbi_dbccLastKnownGood field. Fix at the bottom.
ParentObject Object Field VALUE
------------------------------- --------------------------------- ------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------
DBINFO STRUCTURE: DBINFO @0x00000000420BD670 dbi_dbid 5
DBINFO STRUCTURE: DBINFO @0x00000000420BD670 dbi_status 9502720
DBINFO STRUCTURE: DBINFO @0x00000000420BD670 dbi_nextid 348222265
DBINFO STRUCTURE: DBINFO @0x00000000420BD670 dbi_dbname Dreem15_IVB
wqweto / gist:4730218
Created February 7, 2013 10:45
Find Column Usage in MSSQL 2008
, ColumnName SYSNAME
, object_id INT
, column_id INT
INSERT @TmpColumns
SELECT s.TableName, s.ColumnName, c.object_id, c.column_id
--FROM (
wqweto / cWebBrowserExtension
Created March 1, 2013 16:05
VB6 impl of IDocHostUIHandler for WebBrowser site
Option Explicit
DefObj A-Z
Private Const STR_MODULE_NAME As String = "cWebBrowserExtension"
Private WithEvents m_oCtl As DirectWebBrowser
Private WithEvents m_oCtlExt As VBControlExtender
Private m_uHook As UcsDocHostHookData
Private m_oExternal As Object
wqweto / a_find_implicit_conversions.sql
Last active December 16, 2015 03:39
Finding Implicit Column Conversions in the Plan Cache made usable
Based on
Results made (mostly) usable by deduping on statements and ordering output by tables and columns
Uses sys.columns instead of INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS for performance (nothing gained here)
wqweto / check_vat.php
Last active December 14, 2023 11:00
Check company VAT number using SOAP service at and return JSON encoded result
header('Content-type: application/json; charset=utf8');
$vatno = str_replace(array(' ', '.', '-', ',', '"'), '', $_GET['vatno']);
echo serviceCheckVat($vatno, &$name, &$address, &$error);
include "connect.php";
mysql_query("SET NAMES utf8");
$vatno = mysql_real_escape_string($_GET['vatno']);
wqweto / post_cache.txt
Created August 20, 2013 19:42
SQLIO test of RAID 5 with 4 x Intel 520 SSDs on an HP SmartArray P420i controller
sqlio v1.5.SG
using system counter for latency timings, 2343896 counts per second
8 threads writing for 360 secs to file D:\testfile.dat
using 8KB random IOs
enabling multiple I/Os per thread with 8 outstanding
buffering set to use hardware disk cache (but not file cache)
using current size: 36864 MB for file: D:\testfile.dat
initialization done
throughput metrics:
wqweto / pg_conv.vbs
Created September 15, 2013 09:56
Converts an MSSQL database creating script to PostgreSQL. Uses a VBScript implementation of preg_replace for the heavy lifting.
Option Explicit
Const ForWriting = 2
Const TristateTrue = -1
Dim sFile, sOutputFile, oOutputStream, sText
sFile = WScript.Arguments.Named("i")
sOutputFile = WScript.Arguments.Named("o")
If LenB(sFile) = 0 Then
WScript.echo "usage: pg_conv.vbs /i:intput_file.sql [/o:output_file.sql]"
WScript.Quit 1
//Convert all unsafe characters in szStringIn to escape sequences
//lpszStringIn and lpszStringOut should be different strings
inline _Success_(return != FALSE) BOOL AtlEscapeUrl(
_In_z_ LPCSTR szStringIn,
_Out_writes_to_(dwMaxLength, *pdwStrLen) LPSTR szStringOut,
_Out_opt_ DWORD* pdwStrLen,
_In_ DWORD dwMaxLength,
_In_ DWORD dwFlags = 0)
ATLENSURE( szStringIn != NULL );