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Recursive schizophrenics believe that many suffer from such personality disorder

Ivan Kropotkin yelizariev

Recursive schizophrenics believe that many suffer from such personality disorder
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yelizariev /
Last active April 12, 2024 22:19 — forked from odony/registry.patch
Mushroom 🍄 Boy


Mushroom 🍄 Boy

Our little red mushroom boy tightened his grip on the sword in his right hand as he took a step forward into the dark forest. The forest was so dark he could not see a thing, he only felt the chill on his face and bare skin. Sounds of muffled screams came from beyond the reachable space, they were the voices of the captured souls at the heart of the forest. Among the mass of sounds, he recognized that of Ponya; the source of his strong will and the weaver of his dreams. Mushroom boy picked up the pace and rushed through the blinding evil of this place. He did not know where he was heading, as the laws of nature do not exist in such a hell of a multi-dimension, but in his heart, he knew he was getting closer.


Mushroom boy found the tree of captured souls. The mere touch of its th

yelizariev /
Last active April 10, 2024 20:19
Вращайте ☢️ БАРАБАН


БИЛЕТ № 101

[MOME] Any plans to open #Odoo 🦀 office# ?debug=assets


yelizariev /
Last active November 20, 2023 13:57
install odoo from source. Script is maintained on github now:
if [ "$(basename $0)" = "" ]; then
echo "don't run, because it's not fully automated script. Copy, paste and execute commands from this file manually"
exit 0
#### Detect type of system manager
export SYSTEM=''
pidof systemd && export SYSTEM='systemd'
yelizariev /
Last active December 15, 2022 15:18
Telegram resending bot on AWS Lambda. OBSOLETE: the latest version is here

The general idea is to ask a group (let's call it target group) via bot and get answer. The group might be:

  • Support Team
  • IT Department of your company
  • etc.

TODO: text formatting is lost on resending. Use entities instead of text field

TODO: set debug level via Environment variables

yelizariev /
Last active November 10, 2021 12:48
TODO-list bot for Telegram. OBSOLETE: latest version is here

Allows to create TODOs for a small group of users.

Tasks can have on of the following states:

  • TODO -- to be done
  • DONE -- done
  • CANCELED -- nothing was done and not going to be done
  • WAITING -- cannot be started and waits for something

Technical specification

yelizariev / Letsencrypt Wildcard DNS manual.rst
Last active February 20, 2021 00:12 — forked from Rusllan/Letsencrypt Wildcard DNS manual.rst
Issue certificate with DNS manual mode
yelizariev /
Last active February 20, 2021 00:05
IT-Projects LLC rules. The document is moved to

Constitution explains how and in what direction is the company growing

I. Just work well

  • The only way to compensate poorly made work is to improve yourself and do it well

I.1. No penalties

  • There are no any financial, moral, administrative penalties

I.2. No excuses

  • Inside the company, excuses have no sense
yelizariev /
Last active February 17, 2021 13:40 — forked from roachhd/
Smiles EMOJI cheatsheet 😛😳😗😓🙉😸🙈🙊😽💀💢💥✨💏👫👄👃👀👛👛🗼🔮🔮🎄🎅👻


:bowtie: 😄 😆 😊 😃 ☺️ 😏 😍

yelizariev /
Last active August 17, 2020 11:40
Automatic translation of odoo files by using existing translation (e.g. from Ukrainian to Russian, English to Russian, Russian to Russian)
# install dependencies
sudo pip install polib
sudo pip install google-cloud-translate==2.0.0
sudo pip install transifex-client
# prepare and export your google cloud credentials
# See
# and
yelizariev /
Last active July 9, 2020 11:33
save my ssh key
# ivann + general
mkdir ~/.ssh
curl --silent | xargs echo -n >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
echo -ne "\n" >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys