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# Python 简介
@su27 and @menghan

What is Python?

Python: 优雅而健壮的编程语言

  • 高级

  • 易学易读易维护


First there was:

Then there was:

A few days ago, I found a handy script online that colorized the output of SVN status. It worked pretty well, but needed a little polish and a couple of tweaks to make it use more common Python idioms. As I continued to use it and fix bugs and inefficiencies, I ended up replacing nearly every line in the original, but it was still a great starting point.

Additional changes include ANSI word-wrapping, a configurable tab expansion feature (for better code alignment), the 'colorizedSubcommands' sequence so that only applicable commands get colorized, use of proper subprocess module calls so that piping through less will work (for example, try svn-color diff | less -r to see colorized diff output).

To use, stick it somewhere, make executable (`chmod 7

View Node.js CORS
if (req.method === 'OPTIONS') {
var headers = {};
// IE8 does not allow domains to be specified, just the *
// headers["Access-Control-Allow-Origin"] = req.headers.origin;
headers["Access-Control-Allow-Origin"] = "*";
headers["Access-Control-Allow-Methods"] = "POST, GET, PUT, DELETE, OPTIONS";
headers["Access-Control-Allow-Credentials"] = false;
headers["Access-Control-Max-Age"] = '86400'; // 24 hours
headers["Access-Control-Allow-Headers"] = "X-Requested-With, X-HTTP-Method-Override, Content-Type, Accept";
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用 gist 做博客

def main():
    print('hello world!')

if __name__ == '__main__':
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Last active August 29, 2015 14:07 — forked from wintercn/AsyncLisp.js
A async Lisp JavaScript implement
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fork 自 wintercnGists

用 JavaScript 实现的异步的 Lisp。颇有意思,备份一下。

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用 GeoJSON 画了一下山东省
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GeoJSON 画了一下山东地图,顺便标了一下我家的位置。

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只是测试嵌入 HTML 而已。顺便探索一下 GitHub Gists 的可能性。

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你好 世界

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  • 管锡鹏 / 男 / 1991.11.16
  • 手机: 15166185303 (山东省日照市)
  • Email:
  • 本科 / 光电信息工程 / 华中科技大学文华学院 / 2010.09 ~ 2014.07
  • 工作年限: 7年
  • GitHub:
  • 期望职位: Python 开发工程师 / DevOps
  • 期望工作地点: 北京
__author__ = 'yetone'
from twisted.internet import reactor
from scrapy import log, signals
from scrapy.crawler import Crawler
from scrapy.xlib.pydispatch import dispatcher
from scrapy.utils.project import get_project_settings
from araneae.spiders.aliexpress.item_list import ItemListSpider