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Arun Yokesh yokesharun

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yokesharun /
Last active Mar 17, 2016
Android Icons and splash screen Sets Size - PhoneGap

Application icon size list

36x36 -- ldpi

48x48 -- mdpi

72x72 -- hdpi

96x96 -- xhdpi


Install Apache

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install apache2

Install Mysql

yokesharun /
Created Feb 19, 2016 — forked from anistark/
Setup Sublime Text

Install via the Package Manager(apt-get):

Simply add to your packages:

For Sublime-Text-2:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/sublime-text-2
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install sublime-text
yokesharun / laravel-package
Created Feb 19, 2016 — forked from anistark/laravel-package
Packaging of Laravel website
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So, you're done making the website or web-app and now you would wanna distribute it to your clients. Awesome. Let's go ahead and create a package for the same.
There are two types of packaging that can be done in laravel:
1. VPS
2. Shared
VPS version is for their own use and local testing. So, you would wanna keep it as close to your local system settings as possible.
1. Delete all the files from app/storage/ in the following folders:
yokesharun / domain_compare.php
Created Feb 9, 2016
PHP compare the domain with two urls and match it
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$url1 = parse_url("");
$url2 = parse_url("");
if ($url1['host'] == $url2['host']){
// not matches
yokesharun / return_path_url.php
Created Feb 9, 2016
PHP Get path | domain | Queries of the particular url
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$url = '//';
// Prior to 5.4.7 this would show the path as "//"
//output will be like
// array(3) {
yokesharun / get_cookie_value.js
Created Feb 8, 2016
Javascript Get a cookie value by name
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yokesharun / delete_cookie.js
Created Feb 8, 2016
Javascript delete cookie
View delete_cookie.js
yokesharun / set_cookie.js
Created Feb 8, 2016
Javascript Set | create New cookie
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yokesharun / jquery_details_detect.js
Created Feb 8, 2016
Jquery Detect Browser name | browser version | os name | platform | os version | mobile | bit
View jquery_details_detect.js
(function (window) {
var browser,
ua = window.navigator.userAgent,
platform = window.navigator.platform;
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