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Last active Sep 8, 2020
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The simplest way to get commit count of a GitHub repository through the API
curl -I -k "" | sed -n '/^[Ll]ink:/ s/.*"next".*page=\([0-9]*\).*"last".*/\1/p'
### And that's all !
# I saw many fighting with finding first commit SHA or similar fancy thing.
# Here we just rely on the GH API, asking commits at 1 per page and parsing the last page number in the header of the reply (whose body only holds the last commit !)
# So this is robust and bandwidth efficient. :)
# If one want the commit count of a specific SHA, just use :
curl -I -k "" | sed -n '/^[Ll]ink:/ s/.*"next".*page=\([0-9]*\).*"last".*/\1/p'

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