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Created Jul 20, 2019
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var Dagger = require("eth-dagger");
var Web3 = require("web3");
var contractJSON = require("./../contracts/SocialBet.json");
let MaticWETHContract =require("./MaticWETHContract.json");
var web3 = new Web3("");
var dagger = new Dagger("wss://"); // dagger server
const MaticWETHAddress = '0x31074c34a757a4b9FC45169C58068F43B717b2D0';
const web3MaticWETHContract = new web3.eth.Contract(MaticWETHContract.abi, MaticWETHAddress);
const contract = dagger.contract(web3MaticWETHContract);
var transfer ={ room: "confirmed" });, removed) {
// do something
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