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Created February 7, 2019 19:42
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Commented solution for SalusLab's beginners' python challenge
#!/usr/bin/env python3
y = ['0b1010011', '0b1100001', '0b1101100', '0b1110101', '0b1110011', '0b1101100', '0b1100001', '0b1100010', '0b1111011', '0b1000111', '0b110000', '0b1011111', '0b110011', '0b1100001', '0b1010011', '0b1111001', '0b1011111', '0b110000', '0b1101110', '0b1011111', '0b1101101', '0b110011', '0b1111101']
integers_list = [];
#convert each element into a base-10 integer
for i in y:
_integer_value = int(str(i),2)
characters_list = []
#grab each character from its unicode value
for i in integers_list:
_character = chr(i)
#join all characters into a single string called "flag"
flag = ''.join(characters_list)
print("The flag is ====> %s" %(flag) )
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