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Created January 10, 2015 16:29
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Mock Datetime Object
import datetime
import mock
real_datetime_class = datetime.datetime
def mock_datetime_now(target):
A mock patch context, we override the datetime.datetime with a custom value.
class DatetimeSubclassMeta(type):
"""Custom __instancecheck__ instance()"""
def __instancecheck__(mcs, obj):
return isinstance(obj, real_datetime_class)
class BaseMockedDatetime(real_datetime_class):
def today(cls):
return target
MockedDatetime = DatetimeSubclassMeta("datetime", (BaseMockedDatetime,), {})
return mock.patch.object(datetime, "datetime", MockedDatetime)
# Example
today =, 1, 1)
with mock_datetime_now(today):
print # It prints 2010-1-1
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