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Solves the problem of .cxx_destruct methods not being called when zombies are enabled
#import <objc/runtime.h>
@implementation NSObject (ARCZombie)
+ (void) load
const char *NSZombieEnabled = getenv("NSZombieEnabled");
if (NSZombieEnabled && tolower(NSZombieEnabled[0]) == 'y')
Method dealloc = class_getInstanceMethod(self, @selector(dealloc));
Method arczombie_dealloc = class_getInstanceMethod(self, @selector(arczombie_dealloc));
method_exchangeImplementations(dealloc, arczombie_dealloc);
- (void) arczombie_dealloc
Class aliveClass = object_getClass(self);
[self arczombie_dealloc];
Class zombieClass = object_getClass(self);
object_setClass(self, aliveClass);
object_setClass(self, zombieClass);

0xced commented Aug 6, 2012

This problem should be fixed in a future release

@0xced Looks like iOS 5 fixed some of the cleanups for zombies but not all. Should be fixed in a future iOS release.

0xced commented Aug 18, 2012

This bug should be fixed in iOS 6 and OS X 10.8 according to Technical Q&A QA1758.

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