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Because I couldn't find it easily on the net, simple notes on how to access Play Framework's seperated WS library

(Blog Post:

Play WS

Separate library

The WS client library has been refactored into its own library which can be used outside of Play. You can now have multiple WSClient objects, rather than only using the WS singleton.



			<id>Typesafe Releases</id>

There are also other options:


"There is no started application"

If you end up getting a "There is no started application" message when you try to use WS, you will need to do something like the following:

AsyncHttpClientConfig.Builder builder = new com.ning.http.client.AsyncHttpClientConfig.Builder();
NingWSClient wsClient = new;

// Instead of this
//WSRequestHolder ws = WS.url(url)

// Use this
WSRequestHolder ws = wsClient.url(url)

See the following for more details:

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