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My steps to setup a new pentest environment
# /dev/alias Pentest Environment Setup
# Version: 0.2 (20131211)
# Created By: Glenn 'devalias' Grant (
# License: The MIT License (MIT) - Copyright (c) 2013 Glenn 'devalias' Grant (see for full license text)
# * Option to check if tools (from this script and external) exist/are already installed and what versions
# * Eg nmap , metasploit, etc
# * Lair:
# * apt-get install python-pip
# * pip install /path/to/lairdrone-v0.0.tar.gz
# * export MONGO_URL="monogodb://lairdb:pass@"
# * Setup checks to see if folders already exist/etc, if so, update the repos instead?
# * Ask the user if they want to install each section?
# * Add steps to configure each git repos with the users personal fork (if it exists) so they can easily submit pull requests/etc
# * Browser extensions for firefox/chrome/etc, and autoinstall if possible?
# * Lastpass
# * Firecat/Kromcat, etc
# * Maybe:
# * (
# *
# Manual Step: Install Kali (
# OS Info
cat /etc/os-release
uname -a
lsb_release -a
# Update packages
echo Updating packages
apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade
# Setup directory layout
echo Setting up directory layout..
cd ~
mkdir pentest
cd pentest
mkdir assessments
# Setup vFeed + helper scripts (,
echo Setting up VFeed and helper scripts..
cd ~/pentest
git clone vfeed
cd vfeed
git clone bin
cd bin
chmod +x vfeed*.sh
ln -s ~/pentest/vfeed/bin/ /usr/local/bin/vfeed
ln -s ~/pentest/vfeed/bin/ /usr/local/bin/vfeedcli
ln -s ~/pentest/vfeed/bin/ /usr/local/bin/vfeed_update
# Setup (
# TODO Link this into /usr/bin or similar? Give it a better name?
echo Setting up nmap-sh..
cd ~/pentest
git clone
# Setup SecLists
echo Setting up SecLists..
cd ~/pentest
git clone seclists
# Setup Exploit-DB
echo Setting up ExploitDB..
cd ~/pentest
git clone exploitdb
# Setup PwnWiki
echo Setting up PwnWiki..
cd ~/pentest
git clone pwnwiki
#git clone pwnwiki-tools
# Setup KaliWiki
echo Setting up KaliWiki..
cd ~/pentest
git clone kaliwiki
# Setup WebAppDefaultsDb
echo Setting up WebAppDefaultsDb..
cd ~/pentest
git clone webappdefaultsdb
# Setup Mubix's tools/etc
echo Setting Up Mubixs stuff..
cd ~/pentest
git clone mubix-post-exploitation-wiki
git clone mubix-post-exploitation
#git clone mubix-tools
# Setup Mainframed
echo Setting up Mainframed..
cd ~/pentest
git clone mainframed
# Setup DNSFootprint (
# TODO: Track this in a git repository if possible (does licence allow it?)
echo Setting up DNSFootprint..
cd ~/pentest
mkdir dnsfootprint
cd dnsfootprint
# Setup Powersploit
echo Setting up Powersploit..
cd ~/pentest
git clone powersploit
# Setup Dumpmon-mon
echo Setting up Dumpmon-mon
cd ~/pentest
git clone dumpmonmon
cd dumpmonmon
#leafpad dumpmonmon.yml &
# Setup apt related tools
echo Setting up tools through apt
apt-get update
apt-get install kali-linux-complete mono-complete
echo Finished setting things up.
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