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Heera App
<title>Heera App</title>

Heera Jewellers App


The following webpage has been developed as a documentation for the Heera Jewellers App

The following are its features:

  1. Data Collection: Collect data of Jewellers (called clients hereinafter) using login/sign up and save securely in the cloud
  2. Catalogue Showcase: Show the entire catalogue filtered by categories, type and occasion.
  3. Live Gold Price: Ability to show the current gold price (Eventually a gold monitor feature can also be added where the client can enter the desired price they want to buy jewellery at. Our app will constantly track the gold price and when it reaches near to the client specified amount it can trigger constant notifications to them indicating them to buy)
  4. Cart: A cart option for the client to order everything together
  5. Product Pages: Individual Product pages, where the client can see the picture of the product, a small description, total weight and weight breakage.
  6. Order processing: Whenever the client places an order, the host app, receives a notification, indicating an order has been placed, upon accepting the order the client gets a revised amount (if applicable) to make a RTGS payment and upload screenshot / transaction id. Upon verifying the details we can ship the product and the status will change on the client app.
  7. Blackout hours: A certain time frame where the user can’t place order on the app. All other features continue to work.


There are two main flowcharts :

  1. Entire flow of app
  2. Order Flow

1. Entire flow of app:

Log in
Log in
Sign up
Sign up
Email Verified
Phone Number Verified
Proceeds Directly
OTP Requested
Splash Screen
Logged in ?
Login/Sign up Screen
App Homescreen
Via Google
Via Phone Number
Via Google
Via Phone Number
Form to enter other details
Data Saved in Cloud
Verified ?

2. Order Flow:

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