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open Terminal at the identical directory of the current document in CotEditor
Go to Folder in Terminal Script for CotEditor
Open Terminal at the identical directory of current document in CotEditor.
[version] 1.1
[release] 2012-02-27
[lastmod] 2014-10-16
[author] 1024jp <>
[licence] Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
put this script to '~/Library/Application Support/CotEditor/ScriptMenu/'
-- __setting_______________________________________________________________
-- Shows dialog if the document wasn't saved?
property showAlertDialog : true
-- __main_______________________________________________________________
-- get file path from CotEditor
tell application "CotEditor"
if not (exists front document) then return
set theFile to file of front document
end tell
-- end script if no file path is specified
if theFile is missing value then
if showAlertDialog then
display alert "No file path is specified." message "Please save the file first." as warning
end if
end if
-- get directory path
set dirPath to do shell script "dirname " & quoted form of (theFile's POSIX path)
-- open in terminal
tell application "Terminal"
do script "cd " & quoted form of dirPath
do script "ls -l" in front window
end tell
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