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Material Chip List Autocomplete Fix Directive
import {AfterContentInit, ContentChild, Directive, QueryList, ViewContainerRef} from '@angular/core';
import {MatAutocompleteTrigger} from '@angular/material/autocomplete';
import {MatChip, MatChipList} from '@angular/material/chips';
* This directive fixes the Material Chip List Autocomplete issue where if you click an option in the autocomplete menu,
* the panel doesn't return unless you click out and click back in again.
* Keaton Burleson
selector: '[chipListAutocompleteFix]'
export class ChipListAutocompleteFixDirective implements AfterContentInit {
// Use ContentChild decorator to get the MatAutocomplete component and the MatAutoCompleteTrigger component
@ContentChild(MatChipList) chipList: MatChipList;
@ContentChild(MatAutocompleteTrigger, {read: MatAutocompleteTrigger}) input: MatAutocompleteTrigger;
// Keep track of the raw input inside of the MatFormField
private rawInput: HTMLInputElement;
private chipCount = 0;
* Constructor
* @param _viewContainerRef - We need this to fetch the raw input element from inside of the MatFormField
constructor(private _viewContainerRef: ViewContainerRef) {
* This function runs after the content has been displayed.
* This is important to make sure all the DOM rendering is finished for the Material components
ngAfterContentInit(): void {
if (!this.rawInput) {
// Query our input element directly
this.rawInput = this._viewContainerRef.element.nativeElement.querySelector('input');
// Watch for changes on the Chip List
this.chipList.chips.changes.subscribe((changes: QueryList<MatChip>) => {
const currentChipCount = changes.length;
// Check if we're adding or removing a chip to toggle input
if (currentChipCount < this.chipCount || currentChipCount > this.chipCount) {
// Update chip count
this.chipCount = currentChipCount;
* This function sets the search value of the autocomplete to a blank string then opens the panel again
* @private
private toggleInput() {
if (!!this.input && !!this.rawInput) {
this.rawInput.value = '';
// NOTE: setTimeout() is required to trigger a change quickly in e DOM
setTimeout(() => this.input.openPanel(), 0);
console.warn('You have not supplied a valid value for autocompleteInput. The fix will not work');
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