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Created February 8, 2018 13:38
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ACM sigcof latex
Add the lines
\settopmatter{printacmref=false} % Removes citation information below abstract
\renewcommand\footnotetextcopyrightpermission[1]{} % removes footnote with conference information in first column
\pagestyle{plain} % removes running headers
below the \documentclass line.
Removing DOI information only: Using the command \acmDOI{} to set the DOI to an empty string has only a limited effect: In the ACM reference format and in the copyright notice the prefix still remains. Only when using the class option authorversion, this prefix will vanish in the footnote, but will still be part of the ACM reference. (Imho this is a bug.) Here is a hack to get rid of this prefix (and of any DOI that has been set).
Add the lines
after the \documentclass line. This will remove the DOI line in the ACM reference format completely (including the line break). The conference information in the footnote will still retain the line break, which leads to a small extra vertical space. To avoid this, suppress the complete copyright notice by \renewcommand\footnotetextcopyrightpermission[1]{} (see above), or redefine \footnotetextcopyrightpermission in a more sophisticated way by just removing the \@formatdoi command with the preceding \\ from the original definition (see the class file).
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