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Created May 9, 2011 16:13
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A tweet-sized, fork-to-play, community-curated collection of JavaScript.

How to play

  1. Click the Fork button above to fork this gist.
  2. Modify all the files to according to the rules below.
  3. Save your entry and tweet it up!

Keep in mind that thanks to the awesome sensibilities of the GitHub team, gists are just repos. So feel free to clone yours and work locally for a more comfortable environment, and to allow commit messages.


All entries must exist in an index.js file, whose contents are

  1. an assignable, valid Javascript expression that
  2. contains no more than 140 bytes, and
  3. does not leak to the global scope.

All entries must also be licensed under the WTFPL or equally permissive license.

For more information

See the site for a showcase of entries (built itself using 140-byte entries!), and follow @140bytes on Twitter.

To learn about byte-saving hacks for your own code, or to contribute what you've learned, head to the wiki. is brought to you by Jed Schmidt, with help from Alex Kloss. It was inspired by work from Thomas Fuchs and Dustin Diaz.

// make sure
// to annotate
// your code
// so everyone
// can learn
// from it!
// see jed's entries
// for examples.
function(){/* Your entry, a useful, unique, and valid JavaScript expression that packs as much functionality into 140 bytes as possible. */}
Version 2, December 2004
Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim or modified
copies of this license document, and changing it is allowed as long
as the name is changed.
"name": "theNameOfYourLibWhichMustBeAValidCamelCasedJavaScriptIdentifier",
"description": "This should be a short description of your entry.",
"keywords": [
<!DOCTYPE html>
<div>Expected value: <b>undefined</b></div>
<div>Actual value: <b id="ret"></b></div>
// write a small example that shows off the API for your example
// and tests it in one fell swoop.
var myFunction = function(){ /* the code here should be identical to the entry. */ }
document.getElementById( "ret" ).innerHTML = myFunction()
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tsaniel commented Sep 27, 2012

I can't even reply to any gist, anyone knows what's going on?

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atk commented Dec 13, 2012

The new layout breaks some of our concepts... :-(

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dvhk commented Aug 2, 2013

Sorry, I don't use twitter, but here's a Lindenmayer system and some basic visualisation:

<title>L-system test</title> <script>

// A Lindenmayer system, see
// Input:rules as a lookup table, start String, and iteration count. Outputs result String
// Example 1: Algae from the Wikipedia page above: f({"A":"AB","B":"A"},"A",3)
// Example 4, note that non-changing symbols also need rules: f({"F":"F+F-F-F+F","-":"-","+":"+"},"F",3)
function f(r,s,i){for(j=i;j--;){var a=s.split('');for(k=a.length;k--;){a[k]=r[a[k]];}s=a.join('');}return s;}

// A shorter-than-256-bytes simple turtle graphics SVG visualisation for the Lindenmayer system output String.
// Usage with Example 4 above: g( f({"F":"F+F-F-F+F","-":"-","+":"+"},"F",3) );
function g(s){var i=[0,3,0,-3],j=[-3,0,3,0],d=9,a=s.split(''),v='';for(k=a.length;k--;){if(a[k]=='F'){v+=' l'+i[d%4]+' '+j[d%4];}if(a[k]=='+'){d++}if(a[k]=='-'){d--}}document.body.innerHTML+="";}

Please enable JavaScript!

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Revlin commented Sep 29, 2013

Why did you call the gist LICENSE.txt? Is there a story behind that?

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Revlin commented Sep 29, 2013

Alright! I just re-enabled the javascript: uri thingy in firefox and tried

javascript:(function(){var a="-webkit-",b='transform:rotate(1turn);',c='transition:4s;';document.head.innerHTML+='<style>body{'+a+b+a+c+b+c})();


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Revlin commented Sep 29, 2013

Yeah, I'm new to this, but I have a bunch of ideas... I think a link to should be included in the tweets, because it gives some coherence to the tweeting, which are now totally random disconnected fragments of javascript that no one other than 140bytes participants will know what they're about or more importantly, where to go to find out what they're about. Yet, there are lots of js/es programmers out there that would be interested in this if they saw an entry tweet and were able to follow a link to the home page.

That's my argument, now the technical challenge: No matter what the size of a URI/URL twitter now minifies (or expands) it to 22 chars, allowing only 118 remaining for the actual code. I kind of think this is acceptable, because this 1) only make the challenge harder, which is the point, right, hardness? and 2) the chars reserved for the link can be considered part of the task, as it helps to promote the task(s) as a whole

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atk commented Sep 30, 2013

@Revlin: The point of this challenge is fun and learning. The difficulty of it is balanced between "too easy to be fun" and "too hard to do anything of interest". So making it harder will not improve the challenge, quite the opposite. In addition, I don't think that we need the promotion. We are here for our own entertainment, not for marketing purposes.

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Revlin commented Sep 30, 2013

@atk Thanks, dude. I'll start over with all that in mind.

I guess I can be self-defeating and waste 22 chars on including the link myself, without that necessarily being a rule :)

So, according to the instructions all I have to do is fork this repo and my fork will show up on the main page (whether or not I've made any changes)? I'm a bit confused about that... how important is the package.json in this process?

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Revlin commented Sep 30, 2013

So I see a button on the main page, "Log in with GitHub," but clicking it has no effect. Is this the way to go to "Save your entry" as suggested in the instructions?

My first crack:

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atk commented Oct 1, 2013

Since the last github change, Forks don't show up on the main gist (unless you select "Forks").

The automatical updates of the homepage ( don't work. Jed and I never found out why. Also, we usually only include stuff that has an actual use or at least a cool effect. The package.json should be valid JSON, otherwise the importer will stop (again).

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jed commented Oct 3, 2013

hey all. i don't think the rules need to be changed, but i understand that our UI isn't optimal in that case (the platform has changed underneath our feet a few times since launch two years ago).

as for stuff showing up on the site, it doesn't happen until one of the admins stars the gist. this is to prevent spam and make sure that entries are not dupes and are of sufficient quality/creativity.

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dluciv commented Nov 25, 2013


Is tweet suitable to submit the gist, or I should reformat it in some other way?

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xem commented Dec 5, 2013

Hi all,

Last month, subzey and I invented a system allowing to execute 190 JS characters in one single tweet.


I described it in detail here:

Though, It uses 140 characters, not 140 bytes...

So do you think this system is still suitable for entries?

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ghost commented May 24, 2014

Also you can count the bytes with

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ghost commented May 24, 2014

I forked it and wrote a simple browser detection script in < 140bytes
tweet link:

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Am I missing something or is it really hard to make two forks of the same gist on github? I've been struggling with it for an hour now. Even used the github API to try and fork it to no avail.

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As the original site is dead now I created a list of all forks with description. Any feedback is welcome!

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