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Last active May 3, 2022
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Windows 11 Issues List



  • The page to download Windows 11 cannot be found from Bing, only Google, and doesn't seem to show up anywhere on the website
  • The Media Creation Tool still uses icons from Windows 8
  • The Media Creation Tool still has an edition selector even though it doesn't do anything
  • The Media Creation Tool still flickers
  • All of the Media Creation Tool languages are in lower case
  • Upgrade prompt in the Windows Update preference pane is buggy
  • Installer still uses Windows 7 themes and Windows 98 buttons
  • Installer still uses the Windows 8 color palette
  • Installer still uses low-resolution icons
  • OOBE runs at 15FPS
  • OOBE still uses Windows 10 scrollbars
  • What looked to be the Windows 10 taskbar showed up when I swiped up on my touch screen
  • Heavy screen tearing on the mouse cursor
  • OOBE can crash during the pre-user setup
  • Some text in the OOBE setup is in the wrong font
  • Rounded corners were broken on first boot

Login Screen

  • The Accessibility settings still uses the Windows 8 dropdown look and Windows 8 switches
  • High Contrast on the login screen no longer loads correctly on the first try
  • The login network dialog is still using the Windows 10 look


  • Backgrounds are turned into compressed jpegs with crushed colors and no dithering
  • Stuttering window movement (occasional)
  • Some apps icons never load in the start menu on first boot (and only on the first boot)
  • ClearType rendering settings randomly differ between parts of the system interface (grayscale font anti-aliasing on transparent elements of the UI)
  • Un-snapping windows is still jarring and causes the windows to occasionally stutter
  • HDR breaks accelerated screen capture
  • The taskbar right-click menu no longer has any options other than "Taskbar settings"
  • You can no longer change to small icon mode, even though it's implemented
  • The recommened section of the start menu flickers when you open it
  • The Search menu's animations are synced incorrectly
  • Opening the Search menu and then the Desktop view opens and closes both immedately
  • The Teams menu pane stops having transparency while animating
  • Tooltips in the system tray are not positioned correctly
  • Quick settings takes a few seconds and flickers when you open it for the first time
  • The quick settings and clock have no margin
  • Tooltips show up in weird places if you move your mouse when the tooltip begins animating
  • My mouse cursor keeps stuttering
  • The search bar freezes if you press too many buttons at the same time
  • The bottom of the panel showing the app that you are searching for is touching the bottom of the panel
  • Screensavers during disk usage freezes the entire computer
  • Focusing a window still requires it to not be frozen
  • Quick Settings is unreliable - on some of my installs, it works fine, on the others, it takes 5+ minutes to open.
  • Clicking on a calender item doesn't do anything but put a circle around it
  • The taskbar just doesn't show icons if you have too many
  • Notification word wrap is broken
  • Search menu can sometimes start in the top-right corner of the screen
  • Desktop context menu can appear above windows opened after the context menu is opened
  • Desktop context menus broken in the above manner cannot be dismissed


  • Shift+Restart is unreliable and does not work all the time
  • Still uses the interface from Windows 8
  • Still uses the Windows 7 Aero Classic theme, despite that requiring more memory than the regular theme
  • Sticky notes still opens in Safe Mode despite the fact that no startup apps are supposed to open
  • In Safe Mode, the Settings app displays no name


  • Widgets UI takes 15 seconds to load
  • Icons in buttons are not centered with the text
  • Tooltips occasionally don't disappear
  • Scrolling is slow


  • Apex Legends opened in the legacy 2000/XP Classic window borders
  • Apex Legends caused explorer to crash
  • Significant performance regressions from Windows 10

Things that were supposed to be fixed in Windows 11

  • Updates are still annoying and requires a restart to do something as simple as updating .NET
  • Windows still pegs the disk at 100% and doesn't tell you why
  • Service stop times are absurdly long
  • Task management is still really jank
  • UI is still extremely inconsistent (no, hiding it behind 18 menu options doesn't actually fix the problem Microsoft)
  • Performance is signifigantly worse than Windows 10
  • Multiple services may have to be stopped to regain system stability
  • Threading is still inconsistent
  • Actions are still handled in the UI thread
  • Windows still uses 2.5GB of ram at idle

Fluent UI

  • Buttons, text, and the close buttons in the title bar are still not aligned, even to the elements DIRECTLY NEXT TO THEM
  • You can't click on toggle switches too fast or they just won't do anything
  • (subjectively) You shouldn't use a menu item with a toggle switch as navigation
  • Dropdown menus are missing part of their border
  • Windows still(!!!!) can't handle transparency
  • Menu items collapsing moves UI elments under it before the animation completes
  • Menu items occsaionally animate before their children have started rendering
  • Spinners have no padding
  • Spinners are never centered
  • Parts of Windows still use Microsoft Sans Serif, like dialog buttons and system tabs
  • Scrolling areas cut off in odd areas
  • Toolbar options occasionally have uncentered text
  • Win32 context menus look absolutely awful
  • The bottom section of context menus are less transparent the the icon-only section
  • Rings & Circles are not anti-aliased correctly
  • The accounts dialog is still from Windows 8
  • Scrolling in UWP "feels worse" than Windows 10
  • Scrolling in Win32 freezes the window (on real hardware, too!)


  • Search bar should close the start menu and then open a different menu
  • Removed styling for troubleshooters but not the troubleshooters themselves so they just look odd now
  • Related settings sometimes shows up as buttons (the new UI) or as links (the old UI), seems to be about half and half
  • Settings app search is still useless (typing in the word search results in showing only windows update settings"
  • Settings app still opens some things in Control Panel: for example
    • System -> About -> BitLocker still opens Control Panel
    • so does Bluetooth & devices -> Devices -> Devices and printers
    • so does Network & internet -> Advanced network settings -> More network adapter options
  • Settings app still opens some things in Windows XP-era settings panels: for example
    • System -> Storage still opens a settings panel
    • so does System -> Sound -> More sound settings
    • so does System -> Remote Desktop -> Remote Desktop Users
    • so does Bluetooth & devices -> Mouse
    • so does Bluetooth & devices -> Printers & scanners -> Print Server Properties
    • so does Bluetooth & devices -> Printers & scanners -> (any device) -> Open print queue (I'm fairly certain this dialog box is actually from NT 3.51)
    • so does Bluetooth & devices -> Printers & scanners -> (any device) -> Hardware properties
    • so does Bluetooth & devices -> Printers & scanners -> (any device) -> Printer properties
    • so does Bluetooth & devices -> Printers & scanners -> (any device) -> Printing preferences
    • so does Bluetooth & devices -> Printers & scanners -> (any device) -> Hardware properties
    • so does Personalization -> Lock screen -> Screen saver (it even still shows a 4:3 CRT for it's preview, how fun!)
    • so does Apps -> Optional features -> More Windows features
    • so does Time & language -> Date & time -> Additional clocks
    • so does Accessibility -> Audio -> Sound themes
    • so does Privacy & security -> Searching Windows -> Advanced indexing options
  • Settings app is still obnoxiously slow in some areas: for example
    • System -> Projecting to this PC takes ages to load
    • so does System -> Clipboard
    • so does System -> Remote Desktop
    • so does Bluetooth & devices -> Pen & Windows Ink
    • so does System -> Display
    • so does System -> Display -> Use HDR (the menu, not the option itself)
    • so does System -> Sound
    • so does Personalization
    • so does Personalization -> Background
    • so does Personalization -> Colors
    • so does Personalization -> Themes
    • so does Personalization -> Lock screen
    • so does Personalization -> Touch keyboard
    • so does Apps -> Apps & features
    • so does Apps -> Video playback
    • so does Accounts -> Your info
    • so does Accounts -> Sign-in options
    • so does Time & language -> Date & time
    • so does Time & language -> Language & region
    • so does Gaming -> Captures
    • so does Privacy & security -> Windows Security
    • so does Privacy & security -> Diagnostics & feedback
    • so does Privacy & security -> Searching Windows
  • Some settings panes only have one option in them:
    • like Bluetooth & devices -> USB
    • and Network & internet -> Advanced network settings -> Network reset
    • and System -> Display -> Graphics -> Default graphics settings
  • Some settings panes freeze the entire UI thread after they open
    • like Network & internet -> Advanced network settings -> Data Usage
    • and Apps -> Apps & features
  • Some settings panes still have UI from Windows 8:
    • like System -> Display -> Graphics
    • and System -> Projecting to this PC
    • and Bluetooth & devices -> AutoPlay
    • and Personalization -> Fonts
    • and Apps -> Startup
    • and Time & language -> Speech
    • and Privacy & security -> Windows Security
    • and Privacy & security -> For developers
    • and Privacy & security -> Activity history
    • and Privacy & security -> Search permissions
  • System -> Display still turns HDR on when the display has HDR disabled
  • System -> Power is just missing options
  • System -> Notifications resets state every single time you go back to it from an application
  • System -> Focus assist -> For the first hour after a Windows feature update is just missing the box around it for some reason
  • System -> Storage drive usage takes 90 years to calculate
  • System -> Multitasking, "Open windows and 5 most recent tabs in M"
  • System -> About -> BitLocker should be in System -> Storage
  • System -> About all text is selectable, presumably so you can copy it and send it to support, but you can only select one line at a time
  • System -> Clipboard -> Privacy Statement Microsoft is collecting your clipboard data and sending it over the network
  • Bluetooth & devices -> Devices GPU is unmountable
  • Network & internet -> Advanced network settings -> Data Usage is not "advanced" nor is it a "setting"
  • Network & internet -> Advanced network settings -> Network reset requires a system reboot to configure network adapters
  • Personalization still stutters repeatedly when opened
  • Personalization -> Themes changing theme settings freezes the entire system for 15-30 seconds
  • Personalization -> Colors changing acent settings freezes the entire system for 5-10 seconds
  • Personalization -> Fonts still renders incorrectly, which has been a problem for almost 7 years now
  • Apps -> Default apps no longer allows you to change the default web browser, you have to manually change every single file association to the other web browser
  • Apps -> Default apps has a stroke every time you open it
  • Apps -> Startup the table renders incorrectly
  • Time & language -> Date & time -> Time zone is one singular dropdown with every single timezone in existence in it
  • Time & language -> Typing should probably be somewhere else
  • Time & language -> Typing -> Typing insights Microsoft is logging your key strokes
  • Privacy & security -> Searching Windows -> Advanced indexing options -> Pause does nothing

File Explorer

  • File Explorer is now stuck in Hi-DPI mode with no way to turn it off
  • The File Explorer toolbar does not load completely sometimes
  • Opening a file selection dialog re-renders every single icon being rendered in every explorer instance, including the desktop
  • The file selection dialog renders incorrectly for the first few seconds of it's existance
  • File Explorer doesn't show it's UI for a bit
  • Both the desktop and File Explorer itself still have multiple layers of context menus
  • The options in the toolbar make no sense (Why is "Rotate image left" before "Compress to ZIP file")
  • The list/grid mode icons in the botttom right are uncentered when activated and only when activated
  • Opening the control panel or Windows Tools returns you to the Windows 10 file explorer
  • The toolbar doesn't expand when you resize the window, the "..." icon stays there forever

Microsoft Store

  • The Microsoft Store just doesn't open some times
  • Scaled images are not anti-aliased and therefor look absolutely horrible
  • The user profile picture icon is not aligned with the close/maximize/minimize buttons
  • Movie banners don't load properly
  • There is no indication of anything loading, it just appears
  • Icons with transparency have an added background that shouldn't be there
  • The "See All" button doesn't work sometimes
  • Text positioning during animations is different than the final position
  • Scrolling is oddly low FPS and jittery
  • App freezes while loading
  • Review interface as a whole is poorly aligned
  • Why does WhatsApp have an ESRB rating
  • You can see the rounded corners of the background behind the rounded corners of the actual app image
  • When a search has no results, it first shows the results pages for a few seconds and then shows "No results"
  • The "Library" pane is over active in telling you you have no apps - when you first open it, it will show the no apps screen instead of the list of installed apps
  • App settings -> Purchase sign-in -> Get more info link is infinitely wide


  • Photos loads the incorrect UI when you open it
  • The OneDrive button is positioned incorrectly
  • Button spacing in the header is very odd
  • Animations of the Higlights section are very odd
  • Hide button is poorly positioned
  • The circle on the scrollbar is uncentered
  • Why is Video Editor in Photos
  • The selection toolbar is opaque
  • Still uses the old Windows 10 settings UI
  • Buttons are bigger than they should be, causing weird border issues
  • OneDrive prompt occasionally opens for no reason
  • Scrollbar does not update unless you click on it
  • Photos icon is unchanged


  • Searchbar is positioned differently than every other app
  • The big rounded buttons have unrounded outlines
  • When you exit out of a tip, the opening animation replays


Old Xbox app

  • There are now two Xbox apps

New Xbox app

  • The Xbox app is unusably slow on some machines
  • Scrollbar changed size 3 times while a dialog was open
  • Account sometimes doesn't un-select itself in the prefrences
  • The close button in the prefrences window is in the wrong place
  • The buttons on the left aren't centered
  • The buttons on the left are also missing their styling
  • The Xbox logo is a button that doesn't do anything
  • The search textbox has blurry text
  • The social search text box has no left margin


  • Weird combination of a Win32 app and a UWP one
  • Still uses icons from Windows 95
  • All the buttons are massive
  • Still uses the Windows 95 16-bit color picker
  • Using the text tool freezes paint for a bit while it loads all the fonts
  • It's also just slow in general
  • No dark theme
  • Still no anti-aliasing

Windows Tools

  • The Windows Tools folder still uses the Windows 7 file manager
  • It's super broken in dark theme
  • Event Viewer is unusably slow
  • All of MSC is unchanged, including the window borders, which are still the Windows 7 ones
  • Windows Fax And Scan is still using Windows Vista styling


  • "You're missing out! Ask your admin to enable Microsoft Teams." - on a personal account, on the auto started version of microsoft teams, can only be resolved by closing and starting it again
  • Two microsoft teams apps in the start menu, the old one and the new one (
  • The old one takes like 80 years to start
  • The new one's missing a lot of features, but is consistent and well designed generally
  • The shadows are too dark
  • Message action displays wrong

Windows Terminal

  • Flickers on opening
  • Font rendering can be odd for first few seconds
  • Opening a new tab is slow
  • Opening the feedback hub URI opens it in Edge


  • Notepad flickers on high refresh-rate displays

Issues from Microsoft updating apps

UI non-changes (causing bugs)


  • Font and Style settings are broken in dark mode
  • Toolbar is the wrong color
  • Opening and closing the sidebar causes broken animations


  • Opening and closing the sidebar is missing animations

Microsoft To-do

  • Still uses old windows logo
  • Starts in light theme
  • Uses rounded buttons in places there are clearly not supposed to be rounded buttons
  • Dropdown/Context menu size is 1 pixel bigger than it should be

Groove Music

  • Groove Music flickers on start

Weather, News

  • Uses the Windows 10 design still
  • Search box is to big
  • Buttons are not rounded, but all the textboxes are
  • All the buttons are the wrong size
  • The header bar is ovbiously not supposed to be as large as it is, but the search textbox is too big
  • Header bar labels go over the other buttons
  • The map still uses the design from when Windows 8 originally shipped, round pause button and orange point and everything
  • The feedback hub is not a tab, but still acts like one when you click on it
  • The menu bar is just odd, with the top button not expanding like it's supposed to
  • Credits has no pading
  • Terms of use and Privacy statement still use IE

UI non-changes (not causing bugs)

  • 3D Viewer is unchanged from Windows 10
  • Alarm and Clock is unchanged from Windows 10 (regression)
  • Calculator is unchanged from Windows 10
  • Camera is unchanged from Windows 8
  • Feedback Hub is unchanged from Windows 10
  • Get Help is unchanged from Windows 10
  • Maps is unchanged from Windows 10
  • Microsoft Solitare Collection is unchanged from Windows 10
  • Mixed Reality is unchanged from Windows 10
  • Movies & TV is unchanged from Windows 8
  • Office is unchanged from Windows 10
  • People is unchanged from Windows 8
  • Sticky Notes is unchanged from Windows 10
  • Voice Recorder is unchanged from Windows 10
  • Windows Security is unchanged from Windows 10
  • Windows Terminal is unchanged from Windows 10
  • Windows Tools is unchanged from Windows Vista
  • Xbox (old) is unchanged from Windows 10
  • Xbox Game Bar is unchanged from Windows 10

Apps with an outdated copyright

  • 3D Viewer: 2017
  • Alarm & Clock: 2018
  • Calculator: 2020
  • Camera: 2020
  • Get Help: 2018
  • People: 2018
  • Sticky Notes: 2020
  • Voice Recorder: 2018

References to Windows 10

  • Mail still attaches "Sent from Mail for Windows 10" to every message
  • Get Help still refers to Windows as Windows 10
  • MMC help refers to Windows as Windows 10
  • Feedback Hub says "Rate Windows 10" and "what's new in Windows 10"
  • All windows updates say Windows 10
  • Several help links search for "get help with X in windows 10"
    • see Windows Media Player
    • and Wordpad
    • and Notepad
  • Alarms & Clock's version number is 10.1906.2182.0
  • Calculator's version number is 10.2012.21.0
  • Get Help's version number is 10.2008.32311.0
  • Groove Music's version number is 10.21061.1012.0
  • Notepad's version number is 10.2103.6.0
  • People's version number is 10.1909.12456.0
  • Voice Recorder's version number is 10.1906.1972.0
  • Tips' version number is 10.2.41172.0
  • Kernel version number is 10.0.22000.194
  • All Windows Tools have 10.x version numbers

Regressions from previous builds

Leaked Build

  • Reversion of new Windows Update implementation
  • Disk I/O is slower and buggier
  • Hidden taskbar size setting is removed

Insider Builds

  • Alarms & Clock is changed in Insider Builds but not in RTM
  • Paint is changed in Insider Builds but not in RTM
  • UI framerate is incorrect in RTM
  • Insider Builds only have one Xbox app
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