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Short moveVis example on how to display the full traces of each path using trace_show and trace_colour with frames_spatial()
# use moveVis >= 0.10.2 for this example (does not work with CRAN version 0.10.1)
# remotes::install_github("16eagle/moveVis")
m <- align_move(move_data, res = 4, unit = "mins")
frames <- frames_spatial(m, map_service = "mapbox", map_type = "satellite", map_token = "YOUR_MAPBOX_TOKEN",
path_colours = c("red", "green", "blue"), tail_colour = "white", tail_size = 0.8,
trace_show = T, trace_colour = "white", equidistant = F) %>%
add_labels(x = "Longitude", y = "Latitude") %>%
add_northarrow(colour = "white") %>%
add_scalebar(colour = "white") %>%
add_timestamps(m, type = "label") %>%
animate_frames(frames, out_file = "/full/path/to/file/moveVis_with_trace.gif",
width = 800, height = 550, res = 95,
overwrite = T)

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@16EAGLE 16EAGLE commented Apr 15, 2019



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@lwcugbuh lwcugbuh commented Mar 18, 2020

Is there a way to customize the color of the trace based on some values(e.g. I have concentrations of pollutants along the track). Thanks.

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