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Node.js — Clear Terminal / Console. Reset to initial state.
console.reset = function () {
return process.stdout.write('\033c');
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kocoten1992 commented Apr 10, 2016

work on ubuntu, node v5.10.0

P/s: or just simply console.log('\033c') will do

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jimmywarting commented Apr 28, 2016

don't work in strict mode on node v6
But write("\x1B[2J") did

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adongoj commented May 10, 2016

Thanks, it worked for me. don't forget to call the function

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DesignByOnyx commented Jul 1, 2016

Node 5 strict mode requires this, which is the same as jimmywarting's answer but it also resets the cursor:


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davesnx commented Jul 23, 2016

@DesignByOnyx Thanks man!

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mocon commented Aug 4, 2016

Sweet! Thanks.

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TemaSM commented Aug 7, 2016

Strict mode + Node.js all supported platforms:

'use strict';
// or

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SLeonescu commented Sep 23, 2016

or you could use the key combinations Ctrl + L

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KhaledSMQ commented Sep 29, 2016

Thank you @DesignByOnyx


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TheRealCasadaro commented Jul 27, 2017

what is the '\x1Bc' it look like a regular expression, why does it clear the console

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NullDev commented Aug 10, 2017

@TheRealCasadaro It's an ANSI Escape Sequence which clears the screen and buffer for the terminal output. It basically becomes <ESC>c which is the VT100 escape code for resetting the terminal.

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aaalsubaie commented Sep 13, 2017

thank you it works like a charm

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mocon commented Oct 1, 2017

Thank you @DesignByOnyx!

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tomasevich commented Dec 5, 2017

Works on my debian 8 :D

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ghost commented Dec 14, 2017

Works perfectly on Windows 10 Node.js v8.9.1.

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lockevn commented Jan 21, 2018

Thank you @DesignByOnyx
It works on Windows 10 Node.js v.8.5

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megtorres commented Jan 22, 2018

@SLeonescu Wow, thanks, that's so easy!

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pablohpsilva commented Mar 7, 2018

Thank you @TemaSM

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joseluisq commented Mar 28, 2018

or via package.json:

"scripts": {
+  "cls_opt1": "clear",
+  "cls_opt2": "node -e \"process.stdout.write('\\033c')\""

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femi-dd commented May 19, 2018

console.clear() does the trick without having to use keyboard shortcuts every time you run your js files

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ktrzeciaknubisa commented Jul 4, 2018

The below is better, because it clears also scroll-back buffer


ESC [ 3 J: erase whole display including scroll-back buffer (since Linux 3.0).

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olvrb commented Aug 29, 2018

@DesignByOnyx's answer works on Ubuntu bash on Windows 10.

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tutlane commented Oct 11, 2018

Thanks @ghost. For me Ctrl + L worked to clear node.js console.

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anriDo commented Nov 25, 2018

work on MacOS Mojave

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silavsale commented Dec 1, 2018

Node 5 strict mode requires this, which is the same as jimmywarting's answer but it also resets the cursor:


Thanks, its work on windows 10

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mishhubc commented Jan 20, 2019

The combinations Ctrl + L reset the full log.

Ctrl + L to clear screen -


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mybouhssina commented Mar 7, 2019

Thank you.
If anyone is wondering when/how to call the function, the following is working for me :

app.listen(process.env.PORT || 3000,function (){

since app.listen accepts a callback method, hope this helps someone ! :)

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aacassandra commented May 17, 2019

Thank you @TemaSM, its beautiful

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slovak-cat commented Mar 19, 2021

Works on macOS Big Sur 😸

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