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Adding a Wikidata item for a retail chain
  1. Go to Special:NewItem on Wikidata. Select the language in which the chain’s name is written, then enter the chain’s name and a short description in that language (if you speak it). For example, a description in English might be “American fast food chain”. Click Create.
  2. Under “Statements”, click “+ add statement”, then type “instance of” into the Property field.
  3. In the next field, enter one of the following values, then click Publish. If you know a more specific entity, you can use it instead.
OSM tag Value
amenity=bank Q22687
amenity=bicycle_rental Q1358919
amenity=bureau_de_change Q2002539
amenity=cafe ?
amenity=car_rental Q291240
amenity=charging_station ?
amenity=cinema Q20679540
amenity=fast_food Q18509232
amenity=fuel Q14941854
amenity=ice_cream Q1252971 (if the company also manufactures ice cream)
amenity=money_transfer ?
amenity=payment_centre ?
amenity=payment_terminal ?
amenity=pharmacy ?
amenity=post_box Q1529128
amenity=post_office Q1529128
amenity=pub Q7257246
amenity=public_bookcase ?
amenity=restaurant Q18534542
amenity=theatre Q37620527
amenity=vending_machine Q1252971 (for a beverage or snack brand)
amenity=veterinary ?
leisure=fitness_centre Q1065656
shop=books Q42414514
shop=garden_centre Q16661975
shop=hardware Q27970162
shop=health_food Q50969307
shop=optician Q47519813
shop=supermarket Q18043413
tourism=hotel Q1631129
tourism=motel Q1631129
Any other chain store Q507619
Any other company Q4830453
Any other organization Q43229
Any other brand Q431289
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