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Last active March 16, 2021 22:37
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Debezium Delete event
"payload": {
"before": {
"id": 1016,
"first_name": "Smart",
"last_name": "Techie",
"email": ""
"after": null,
"source": {
"version": "1.4.2.Final",
"connector": "mysql",
"name": "dbserver1",
"ts_ms": 1615928994000,
"snapshot": "false",
"db": "inventory",
"table": "customers",
"server_id": 223344,
"gtid": null,
"file": "mysql-bin.000003",
"pos": 4696,
"row": 0,
"thread": 36,
"query": null
"op": "d",
"ts_ms": 1615928994823,
"transaction": null
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