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Created Oct 6, 2021
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simple s3 php script upload
include 'S3.php';
define('S3_ENDPOINT', '');
define('S3_BUCKET', 'bucket');
define('S3_DIR', 'path/to/dir');
define('S3_KEY', '*****');
define('S3_SECRET', '*****');
// submitted form
$_stored_filename = 'file.txt';
$_file_tmp_name = $_FILES['tmp_name'];
new S3(S3_KEY, S3_SECRET, false, S3_ENDPOINT);
S3::putObjectFile($_file_tmp_name, S3_BUCKET, S3_DIR . DS . $_stored_filename, S3::ACL_PUBLIC_READ);
$_uploaded_file = 'https://' . S3_ENDPOINT . DS . S3_BUCKET . DS . S3_DIR . DS . $_stored_filename;
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