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Created February 13, 2015 19:44
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mitmproxy cheat sheet
j, k down, up
h, l left, right (in some contexts)
space page down
pg up/down page up/down
arrows up, down, left, right
Global keys:
c client replay
H edit global header set patterns
I set ignore pattern
i set interception pattern
M change global default display mode
automatic: automatic detection
hex: Hex
html: HTML
image: Image
javascript: JavaScript
json: JSON
css: CSS
urlencoded: URL-encoded data
raw: raw data
xml: XML
wbxml: WBXML
amf: AMF (requires PyAMF)
o toggle options:
anticache: prevent cached responses
anticomp: prevent compressed responses
showhost: use Host header for URL display
killextra: kill requests not part of server replay
norefresh: disable server replay response refresh
upstream certs: sniff cert info from upstream server
q quit / return to flow list
Q quit without confirm prompt
R edit replacement patterns
s add/remove scripts
S server replay
t set sticky cookie expression
T set tcp proxying pattern
u set sticky auth expression
Flow List
A accept all intercepted flows
a accept this intercepted flow
C clear flow list or eventlog
d delete flow
D duplicate flow
e toggle eventlog
F toggle follow flow list
l set limit filter pattern
L load saved flows
r replay request
V revert changes to request
w save flows
W stream flows to file
X kill and delete flow, even if it's mid-intercept
tab tab between eventlog and flow list
enter view flow
| run script on this flow
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Clear flow list or event log has moved to 'z'

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From mitmproxy/mitmproxy#217

you can directly open an external viewer from mitmproxy using v

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adamfdl commented Dec 1, 2021

z to clear the flow list. mitmproxy/mitmproxy#237 (comment)

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