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enable nginx vim syntax highlighting (on Ubuntu/Debian)
mkdir -p ~/.vim/syntax/
cd ~/.vim/syntax/
mv download_script.php\?src_id\=19394 nginx.vim
cat > ~/.vim/filetype.vim <<EOF
au BufRead,BufNewFile /etc/nginx/*,/usr/local/nginx/conf/* if &ft == '' | setfiletype nginx | endif
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eddy85br commented Sep 27, 2015

Nice one, thanks... I edited it before run. Just to add openresty default config dir " /usr/local/openresty/nginx/conf/* ". Worked pretty well!

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ghost commented Mar 2, 2016

You can use -O nginx.vim with your wget command and not need the mv line.

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FranklinYu commented Mar 7, 2017

Or just use the one provided by NGINX (see README).

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tobia commented Jul 13, 2017

Yes, if you have an Nginx source tree laying around somewhere, it's just a matter of copying the Vim files over:

rsync -r /src/nginx/contrib/vim/ ~/.vim/

(don't omit the trailing slashes)

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kdidenko commented Jul 19, 2017

Doesn't matter when it works and simple! Great job! Thank you!

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