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Piwik in Ruby on Rails with Turbolinks (and proxy)
# Heavily inspired by
# Call `PiwikAnalytics.init()` once per document load, e.g.:
# unless $(document).data("piwik_loaded")
# PiwikAnalytics.init()
# $(document).data("piwik_loaded", "loaded")
class @PiwikAnalytics
@trackerUrl: -> "//"
@siteId: ->
switch document.location.hostname.toLowerCase()
when "" then "1"
when "" then "2"
else "3"
# ========
# = Core =
# ========
@init: ->
return if PiwikAnalytics.isLocalRequest()
# Piwik Analytics depends on a global _paq array. window is the global scope.
window._paq = []
window._paq.push(['setTrackerUrl', PiwikAnalytics.trackerUrl() + '/piwik.php'])
window._paq.push(['setSiteId', PiwikAnalytics.siteId()])
# Create a script element and insert it in the DOM
pa = document.createElement("script")
pa.type = "text/javascript"
pa.defer = true
pa.async = true
pa.src = PiwikAnalytics.trackerUrl() + '/piwik.js'
firstScript = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]
firstScript.parentNode.insertBefore pa, firstScript
# If Turbolinks is supported, set up a callback to track pageviews on page:change.
# If it isn't supported, just track the pageview now.
if typeof Turbolinks isnt 'undefined' and Turbolinks.supported
document.addEventListener "page:change", (->
), true
@isLocalRequest: ->
host = PiwikAnalytics.documentDomainIncludes
return true if host "localhost"
return true if host ""
return true if host "staging"
@documentDomainIncludes: (str) -> document.domain.indexOf(str) isnt -1
@push: (ary) -> window._paq.push(ary)
@trackPageView: (url) ->
unless PiwikAnalytics.isLocalRequest()
if url
if url == "refresh"
window._paq.push ["setCustomUrl", document.location.href]
window._paq.push ["setDocumentTitle", document.title]
window._paq.push ["trackPageView"]
window._paq.push ["enableLinkTracking"]
window._paq.push ["trackPageView", url]
window._paq.push ["trackPageView"]
# =========================================
# = Add your custom tracking methods here =
# =========================================
# @trackEcommerceView: (sku) ->
# unless PiwikAnalytics.isLocalRequest()
# window._paq.push(['setEcommerceView', sku])
# @trackGoal: (id, price=0 ) ->
# unless PiwikAnalytics.isLocalRequest()
# window._paq.push(['trackGoal', id, price])
# @addEcommerceItem: (sku, name, category, price) ->
# unless PiwikAnalytics.isLocalRequest()
# window._paq.push(['addEcommerceItem', sku, name, category, parseFloat(price)])
# @trackEcommerceOrder: (order_id, revenue) ->
# unless PiwikAnalytics.isLocalRequest()
# window._paq.push(['trackEcommerceOrder', order_id, parseFloat(revenue)])
# @trackEcommerceCartUpdate: (sum) ->
# unless PiwikAnalytics.isLocalRequest()
# window._paq.push(['trackEcommerceCartUpdate', parseFloat(sum)])
# NOTE: requires HTTParty gem
# - Change your trackerUrl to your domain, no need to change the js location as with the PHP proxy!
# - Add to your config/routes.rb:
# get 'piwik' => 'piwik#proxy'
class PiwikController < ApplicationController
# Required because you will get this errors otherwise (don't ask me why):
# Security warning: an embedded <script> tag on another site requested protected JavaScript.
# If you know what you're doing, go ahead and disable forgery protection on this action to
# permit cross-origin JavaScript embedding.
skip_before_filter :verify_authenticity_token
def proxy
# Edit the line below, and replace
# with your Piwik URL ending with a slash.
# This URL will never be revealed to visitors or search engines.
piwik_url = ''
# Edit the line below, and replace xyz by the token_auth for the user "UserTrackingAPI"
# which you created when you followed instructions above.
token_auth = 'xyz'
# Maximum time, in seconds, to wait for the Piwik server to return the 1*1 GIF
timeout = 5
# Don't edit below here!
if params[:format] == "php"
headers = { "User-Agent" => request.user_agent }
data = params.except(:action, :controller, :format).merge(cip: request.remote_ip, token_auth: token_auth)
gif = HTTParty.get("#{piwik_url}piwik.php?#{data.to_query}", timeout: timeout, headers: headers).response.body
send_data gif, type: :gif
# Rack::Cache will take care of the heavy lifting
response.headers["Expires"] = 1.hour.from_now.httpdate
render js: HTTParty.get("#{piwik_url}piwik.js").response.body

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@erpe erpe commented Apr 29, 2015

the additional
window._paq.push ['enableLinkTracking']
in @trackPageView causes piwik to error on page-reloads:

The method enableLinkTracking is registered more than once in "_paq" variable. Only the last call has an effect. Please have a look at the multiple Piwik trackers documentation:

but nice improvement anyway



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@2called-chaos 2called-chaos commented Jun 9, 2015

@erpe yeah you are right but it's only a warning and we couldn't find any disadvantage due to this. I removed the warning from the js code. As it says "only the last call has an effect" and that's okay. Otherwise you won't track after loading a page via turbolinks.

If I'm not mistaken the warning doesn't show up anymore in the new releases.

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